For the price, this guitar is absolutely amazing. Beautiful warm tones, powerful volume, plays smoothly. Easily comparable to guitars that are twice the money. The craftsmanship and colors, quality of... read more

When I tell people I bought an electric Ukulele they chuckle to themselves as if it's a silly idea. But this thing is screamin! They are no longer chuckling when they hear it played live, the sound is... read more

This Teton spruce top, rosewood body jumbo has exceeded my expectations in every possible manner. This guitar rings like a bell. The volume, tone, and sustain are amazing. Fit and finish are perfect... read more

i have been playing guitars since 1970 and i have had a couple of accoustic martins a DM and a cutaway but this teton grand concert is a fantastic musical instrument for both picking and strumming and... read more

I purchased this fine instrument at Toms Guitars in Medford ,Oregon after searching and playing several other guitars in the area. After playing the Sts205cent for fifteen minutes it was clear to me ... read more