My wife bought me this guitar for Father's day. While walking around town we stopped at the local music store. La Grande Sound and Music. We were drawn to the color at first then the sound knocked u... read more

One word phenominal.I am a 54 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and praise and worship leader.I have had acoustic guitars from 13 years old to present and have owned most of the major brands.This... read more

I had two guitars before my Teton. A bad starter electric guitar (Ibanez Gio) and an OK acoustic guitar (Fender Sonoran). I was 13 for the electric and 14 for the acoustic. I had both of these guitars... read more

I've been playing and owning guitars for 40 years. I just wanted to say that I picked up a STS100CENT-12 a couple days ago at Larry's Guitar Shop in Longmont Colorado and couldn't be happier. I'm a wo... read more

This is an incredible sounding & playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick - totally versatile, i... read more