Adam KlingerArtist
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These guitars and these people have reignited my passion for songwriting and have never stopped encouraging me to share my music.
Guitar StoriesGuitar World
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I was killing time in the guitar store adjacent to my podiatrist waiting for an appointment. I picked up the Teton just because it looked so stunning. I played it for a bit, and it sounded stunning. ‘Tone’ is such a subjective and overused term – but this little fella has a magical tone. Within about five minutes I fell in love with it. Knowing that I didn’t need any more guitars, I put it back on the wall. As I did that, I saw the price, I couldn’t afford not to have it.I bought this guitar to be my #2,After about day 3, it became my #1 guitar – the one I play daily. Everything about the interface is just easier. Because it has an onboard preamp and tuner, it was also immediately integrated into the band environment. It has been a hit with everyone.
Kenny Lee YoungArtist
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The enthusiasm behind the Teton guitars is completely contagious. It’s simple why people are excited about this company. They have managed to create beautiful guitars with rich tones that rival high end brands at nearly half the cost of their competitors. This grass roots company has an eclectic warm staff that has also given artists like myself a spotlight to show our talents. Also, like any great company, they are not afraid to ask questions about what they can do to improve their products.
Nate WagnerSunday Guitars
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This model is hands down the best guitar I have ever played for the money. The raw, natural look was the first thing that grabbed my eye, this guitar isn’t overly flashy and I love that! Once the instrument is in your hands it doesn’t take much for the box to come alive. Rich harmonics & full sustain with very good projection and a crisp dynamic response. There is nothing about this guitar that would make any player want to put it down.
Cherish DegraafArtist
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I’m constantly in awe with the quality & sound of my Teton guitar. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! People are always asking what kind of guitar I play & I’m always proud to say that I play a Teton.
Sebastian LaneArtist
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We had just begun our tour with Hootie & the Blowfish and the Barenaked Ladies and I was warming up with the artist I was playing lead guitar for named Jocelyn. We began to play together and as soon as I heard her strum the Teton, I was overcome by its bright, clean, and full tone, something I have always been looking for. I asked to play it and from there I was sold.
Jan Cummings
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I can't say enough about my new Teton STA180 Guitar! I looked at several big name guitars and other not so big name guitars. None of them could ever come close to the combination of the beauty of the sound, ease of play, the delicate artistic inlaid woods and abalone, the quality of the tonewoods and the richness of the finish. To buy a guitar with even half the quality would have cost me at least 4 to 5 times the price! I thoroughly enjoy my instrument and still can't believe the quality that is built into this guitar! I Highly Recommend the Teton Guitars.
Loren Walker MadsenArtist
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I think the thing I love most about Teton is the people behind the scenes of every one of these instruments. There is so much thought and care that goes into these guitars every day which I have grown to learn more and more about. There is nothing I want more than to work with a brand/company who truly cares about the product and quality they are putting out into the hands of people every day. That speaks volumes to me as an artist. Not to mention that Teton is a brand that listens to its clients and players by taking notes directly from them to the designer to ensure that they are doing everything possible to help evolve and continue to push the envelope further and further with each new model.


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