One word phenominal.I am a 54 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and praise and worship leader.I have had acoustic guitars from 13 years old to present and have owned most of the major brands.This... read more

I had two guitars before my Teton. A bad starter electric guitar (Ibanez Gio) and an OK acoustic guitar (Fender Sonoran). I was 13 for the electric and 14 for the acoustic. I had both of these guitars... read more

I've been playing and owning guitars for 40 years. I just wanted to say that I picked up a STS100CENT-12 a couple days ago at Larry's Guitar Shop in Longmont Colorado and couldn't be happier. I'm a wo... read more

This is an incredible sounding & playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick - totally versatile, i... read more

I have been doing acoustic stuff for many years..played an awful lot of guitars,from 60's gibsons to 70's martins..and this baby holds it's own against anything i have played which is huge..I am a fan... read more