It's an unfortunate stereotype these days that the highest quality guitars are the ones that cost you the most. Teton shatters this mold by producing solid top instruments that honestly sound better t... read more

Still love my twelve!! This is not to say I don't. But you know what I'd like? A little aging toner on the top before the finish is applied would go a long way to make this more stage-friendly. Th... read more

I bought this one for a young friend who couldn't afford a guitar and wanted a good guitar for her to learn on. A guitar she wouldn't have to wrestle with, but had good action, good tone, good intona... read more

This guitar has had great response at open mics and from friends I jam with. The looks are great and the sound is better. I always have trouble getting it back out of other peoples hands. Toms guit... read more

I received my brand new TEF50BK, just in time for Christmas. I had been admiring one at a local guitar shop for awhile. I purchased this one on E-Bay. It is not only beautifully designed,it has a nice... read more