Zaza’s path in music started in early 2006 while playing upright bass in her junior high orchestra in Las Vegas, NV. She begged her mother for an upright bass, and was told, “you cannot have one until you show me you’re serious about music.” Soon after, she auditioned for the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and was accepted into their orchestra program almost immediately. Once accepted, Zaza’s mom took her to pick out an upright bass of her very own. Not too bad for her first instrument! It was during her school years that a love and passion for music really grew and evolved.

After High School, Zaza moved to Ogden, Utah, where she started attending open jam sessions, in an attempt to break into the local music “scene.” Upright bass in hand, she played with a few local groups and made a name for herself.

For Zaza’s 22nd birthday, his mother gifted her first guitar… and the discovery and passion of songwriting began. She’s now the girl at every campfire and party, singing and playing acoustic guitar. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find Zaza without a guitar close by. Her beloved Teton was purchased the spring of 2018 and she hasn’t looked back.

This year also brought the filming of his original song ‘Dopamine’, which was recorded for Teton TV as an exclusive release. You can catch Zaza throughout the SLC valley, playing upright bass in “The Backyard Revival”, and slinging guitar for two performances on Park City Television, plus numerous other acoustic shows wherever there’s an open stage.

Zaza’s greatest inspirations are the powerful people surrounding her in life, who’ve pushed her and supported her music, and the love of the world and atmosphere around her.