Guitars are everywhere. It is easy to tell that the guitar is the most popular instrument in America.

I would venture to say that the guitar has been used to create the most significant American form of art, popular music. But that is a different topic for another day.

Today I want to talk about how guitars and the proliferation of guitar culture took me by surprise. Sure, I have seen guitar culture mingle flawlessly into the video game market. Guitar Hero, Rock Band and other guitar themed video games took not only the video game industry by storm, it also shocked the musical instrument industry. But that is a decade gone. This new surprise was something different and something that hit closer to home for me. 

Years ago the guitar stopped being a hobby for me. The guitar is my profession, it’s how I provide for my family. For me a hobby is something I can take part in and it removes the stress of the work day. When my hobby became the same thing I had been stressing about all day, it was time to find a new hobby. I still play guitar and have a few different groups that I play with, but I needed a different “out.”

Enter board games. They are something I can do with my kids and board games provide a way to be social.

Not too long ago, my friend Josh Hale from MeepleGamers, a website devoted to board games, let me know about a new game that’s all about the guitar. I was very excited and he graciously sent me his copy.

The name of the game is Re-Chord. In it players use real guitar picks to form real chords on a game board that looks like a fretboard. Players learn chords and eventually try to learn the right chords to learn songs, all while scoring fame points to become the biggest rock star on the planet.

I have seen other guitar themed games, but Re-Chord used actual guitar mechanics in its game play. It was obvious a guitar player designed the game. It was great to see two of my worlds collide, guitars and board games. Who knew that I would see something like this in my lifetime? At the same time it didn’t really surprise me too much, guitars are everywhere and influence so many aspects of our culture. Re-Chord just ended up being a game that felt like actually playing the guitar and that’s what struck me most. It wasn’t just themed, it was an experience. 

It was awesome of Josh to send me this game. He knows I love guitars and when he saw something relating to them, he sent a copy. This gave me a chance to have the guitar become my hobby all over again, this time in board game form. Being able to sit down with my kids and play a great game and talk about songs I love and songs I have played. It was wonderful to spend an evening where three of my worlds came together; guitars, board games, and family. 

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