NamingConventionAs promised, here is a quick post to help you understand our Teton model numbers.

Let’s start with the acoustic guitars. A Teton model number looks something like this, STS155CENT. This model number will tell you at least 7 specific items about this guitar. Let us break it down for you.


ST- Unfortunately, no one really knows what this means. It has always been part of the model number. Some people here at Teton Guitars will say it stands for “solid top”, but as you will see in a moment, one of the numbers designates that. Others will say it stands for “standard”, but we use it on guitars that are not necessarily “standard”. So, your guess is as good as ours.

S- The last letter of the first three designates the body shape used for the guitar. Therefore, an STS is a dreadnought, STA is an auditorium and so on.

S- Dreadnought

A- Auditorium

G- Grand Concert

J- Jumbo

C- Classical

R- Range (3/4 mini Jumbo)

B- Bass

P- Parlor

The first number stands for how much solid wood is used for each model. It also designates the series based on features found on the guitar.

  1. All laminate (used for all laminate ukuleles; Teton has not developed an all laminate guitar and there are no plans to do so. All Teton Guitars have at least a solid top.)
  2. Solid top, laminate back and sides
  3. Solid top, back & sides
  4. Solid top, back & sides and features an armrest comfort cut

Come back next week for part 2 of “What’s in a Name?”!

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