WhatsComingSideImageWelcome to 2016!

From all of us at Teton Guitars, we hope you had a safe and happy New Year.

We are very excited for 2016. Five years ago we introduced the STS105NT. For the past 4 years that has been our best selling Teton guitar. As we enter into 2016, I am sitting here looking at my prototype 5th Anniversary model and I am still amazed at how much Teton Guitars has grown over the past 5 years. Looking forward into 2016, we will be expanding our dealers all across the country. We are getting new stores signed up weekly and this will only increase as more and more people learn about Teton Guitars. We have such wonderful players who tell everyone about their guitars and many of them go into their local music stores and ask when they are going to carry Tetons. So, thank you!

There are some exciting models coming out at the NAMM show in a few weeks. I hate to spoil anything here, but if you have watched any of our videos on Teton TV, you have seen a few of the guitars being played or showing up in the background. There have also been a few instagram posts that feature the new guitars. But, to see everything new, you will have to come visit us at NAMM or wait until we introduce them to you here in the Teton Blog the Tuesday after the NAMM show.

We are already working on new models that will be introduced at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville and some of them will be 2017 models. So, we have been busy, busy coming up with new ideas.

We have incredible artists who are playing Tetons all over the country. We are so grateful to have these incredible players out spreading the message of Teton Guitars. Please keep watching for blog posts and facebook updates featuring the Teton Artists and support them in their musical endeavours. They are all very talented and and span a broad range of musical interests. We are not sure who will sign on next as a Teton Artist but it is always fun to find the next artist.

Keep checking out Youtube for all of the new Teton TV videos. The team is working really hard to have a new one up each week and they have done a fantastic job with everything they have accomplished so far.

We had a great 2015 and we hope you did as well. Because of the success we had in 2015, we are very excited about the opportunities we have in 2016 to have even more people making music on a Teton Guitar.



Please send comments or questions to ben@tetonguitars.com