The updated site has been up for a couple weeks and now we have finally added a blog, so yeah for us!

We hope you are here because you love music and you love making music on your Teton instrument. Our goal with the new blog is to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teton news and upcoming projects. We also want to let you know about the people playing Teton Guitars. We have fantastic artists who are out on the road every day. They would love to have you show up at their gigs and yell, “I love Tetons!”. The Teton family is much larger than the touring artists. We have people using Teton Guitars in their lessons programs and recording studios. We have people playing Teton Guitars and Ukuleles in rest homes where they have loved ones. Players have sent us pictures and videos of themselves playing at charity events to raise awareness and money for causes they believe in wholeheartedly. The Teton family is large and it is growing every single day. And as long as people are creating music because they love it and continue to create a positive change in the world around them, then we feel it a great honor and privilege to be the instrument that they choose to play.

So, please, come back often. See what is new here at Teton Guitars and let us know what is new with you and the experiences you have had with your Teton.

We make the instruments, but you make the music. Keep it up!

Please send any questions or comments to

Thank you!