This story starts in April of 2014, when attending the Cotopaxi Questival. Questival is a 24 hour adventure with a music festival at the end. One of the bands playing was The National Parks. I’d never heard of them but, by the time their set was finished, I was a very big fan! With a blend of catchy songs and Americana spirit, they won me over right away. Sitting there watching them, I thought to myself, “They need to be playing Teton!” At this time, Teton was still getting off the ground and we didn’t have much of an Artist program. Over the last 2 years, I’ve often thought about my initial impression to have The National Parks playing a Teton guitar on tour. In fact, every time I listen to their debut album, “Young,” I was reminded of this.

Now we fast forward to last week, when Brady Parks visited Teton Headquarters and picked out his very own Teton! I was as giddy as a six year old on Christmas Eve!! Brady is one of the outstanding singer/songwriters of his generation. We are extremely pleased to be announcing him as our newest Teton Artist.

Visit his bio for full details, tour date info, where to listen and check out “Young” — you will be so glad you did.

— Ben

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Once upon a time, my buddy, Ben, said I should check out this really great band he’d just heard, so I did and I liked them. For some reason, though, I didn’t listen to them a lot. However, once in awhile a song of theirs would come across in a playlist and I’d remember how fantastic they were.

Some time later, after a brainstorming meeting, Ben remembered he had a buddy who could help us get in contact with the band. He sent an email, asking if they knew about Teton guitars. They did and they liked them.

Immediately, I began listening to every single song I could find, on repeat. For hours upon hours, I devoured their sound. How this gem of a group had fallen off my radar, I’d never know. I cajoled my family and friends into listening with me. They also could not get enough.  

Days passed; the band came to visit us here at Teton basecamp. Their lead singer/guitarist chose a guitar from our warehouse. We invited them into the filming studio and recorded an episode for Teton TV (subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it.)

That night, several members of our team attended their concert in Rexburg, ID. I clapped, cheered, yelled, sang and felt every single word floating across the audience. At one point, holding a guitar with our logo on the headstock, they belted out the words, “we belong here, with the great Tetons!”

At that second, my heart swelled with emotion, experiencing one of the most surreal moments of my life. The team I work with had a part to play in that moment (a very small part,) that accumulated in one very large, loud, cheering, singing, jumping crowd who was feeling every word just as I was. Music is powerful, it is universal, it is full and happy and sad and moving and I’m so blessed to be part of it every. single. day.

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out the band I’m gushing over is The National Parks. Brady, Sydney, Megan, Doug and John, thank you for sharing your sound with Ben two years ago, who was moved enough to reach out and begin this beautiful partnership. Thank you for being in this moment with us, for being part of Teton, something small that is getting bigger and bigger. We cannot wait to continue this friendship with you and watch you grow.

— Jenn

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