The 205 series guitars are the all solid giants of the Teton line. These guitars have a solid western red cedar top paired with solid mahogany back and sides. The 205’s are available in either dreadnought or grand concert sized and you have the option of a cutaway with electronics or standard with no electronics. These guitars provide an open, warm sound and the all solid construction provides that little extra “spice.” Teton guitars in general are capable of the most amazing sound and volume and the 205’s reign in this energy and focus it into a mature, sophisticated voicing.

There are four options available in the 205:

STS205NT  dreadnought

STS205CENT  dreadnought with cutaway and electronics

STG205NT  grand concert

STG205CENT  grand concert with cutaway and electronics

The dreadnought model has a beautiful open sound with a smooth balance of highs, lows, and mids. Strum a chord on this and you’re in paradise. The sound is not only full but many have used the word “rich” to describe it. When playing solos the sound is just as bold and open, making this guitar perfect for solo performances. Regardless of whether you’re playing fingerstyle or with a pick, this model will put a smile on your face.  The cutaway version maintains this sonic balance but adds in the top notch sound of the Fishman Presys+ electronics system.  

The grand concert has a more focused and compact sound to it. The bass is dialed back  and the balance between the highs and mids are shifted providing a voicing that is similar to the dreadnought version but on a smaller scale. However, just because the guitar is smaller the sound is anything but small.  This model is perfect for jamming out with other guitar players due to the perfect balance of sound between chording and soloing. It blends with other performers nicely and sings out when needed.  This beauty is also available as a cutaway with the Fishman Presys+ electronics system.

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