180sideimageBehold the beauty of ebony back and sides!  Paired with a solid Sitka Spruce top, these guitars have a sound that you won’t soon forget! The ebony graining is different on each and every guitar giving added character. Oh…and they come in four different body sizes:

STA180CENT–Auditorium size with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics.

STG180CENT–Grand Concert size with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics.

STS180CENT–Dreadnought size with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics.

STP180DVB (Dark Vintage Burst) or NT (Natural) —Parlor size with Wilkinson tuning machines.

Across the board, these guitars produce a pleasantly warm and dark sound. The spruce top brightens things up a bit giving a nice mid-range bite. Both the auditorium and dreadnought models have a beautiful open sound to them. The auditorium has a little bit more kick to the low end giving chords a nice spicy flavor. The grand concert has a smaller body than the dreadnought and auditorium, yet it still packs a punch. Its smaller size produces a more compact and focused sound. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of bass to play around with. The dreadnought is the happy medium between the auditorium and the grand concert. All around absolute killer tone! You’ll be spending countless hours playing on these guitars.

The parlors are a jaw dropping surprise! The neck joins the body at the 12th fret versus the 14th fret on other models. The body is also a bit smaller. You’d think that by looking at this guitar and the shorter scale length (24”) that the sound might be thin and too small…you would be wrong! This guitar does have a smaller sound than it’s full-sized counterparts but the sound still maintains an amazing amount of bass and volume. The compact feel plays a big role in the appeal and addiction of this one. It has a very traditional feel with our standard Teton flair added in. Regardless of playing style, this guitar is sure to earn a spot in your collection.

Be sure to check out our YouTube demo on these! Also, be sure to check out our dealer finder to find the shop closest to you.

As always, stay awesome and keep playing!


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