170SideImageThe Teton 170 series is one of our most eye catching series and features a solid sitka spruce top and koa laminate back and sides.

We offer the 170 in three options.

The first is a Dreadnought model and, although it’s the most common body shape, the sound is anything but common. Woody is how I would describe the genuine rich sound that you get from strumming this guitar. The body is bigger than on the Grand Concert models and offers some increased resonance and overtones. Single notes sound punchy yet natural. The koa looks beautiful and adds warmth to the articulate spruce top.

The next two models feature Grand Concert body shapes, the latter with Fishman ISYS+ pre-amps and Sonicore pickups. The smaller body of the Grand Concert adds an assertiveness to the sound and sits well in a mix with multiple guitars. Smaller bodied guitars have been very popular as of late because of their “contained” sound and quaint tone. The STG170 and STG170ENT exaggerate these qualities in a very natural and pleasing way, making this the perfect recording guitar. People just can’t believe the sound that comes out of this little beauty.

Use our dealer finder to locate a store near you and have a listen today. You’ll be glad you did.