150seriesSideImage150 Series

Welcome, everyone, to the 150 series! This is our largest series and contains a few of our iconic models such as the arm-rest and 10-string. Across the board, these tone monsters have a Solid Sitka Spruce top paired with Rosewood back and sides. To start things off, here’s an overview of all the members in this family:

Dreadnought Size


STS150ENT (Fishman Presys+ electronics)

STS150NT-AR (armrest)

STS150CENT-AR (armrest with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics)


Auditorium Size


STA150NT-AR (armrest)

STA150CENT-AR (armrest with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics)


Grand Concert Size


STG150NT-AR (armrest)

ST150CENT-AR (armrest with cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics)


Jumbo Size

STJ150ENT (Presys+ electronics)

STJ150ENT-10 (10-string guitar with Fishman Presys+ electronics)


Tone Monsters

Let me tell you, these guitars are incredible! You have a wide variety of sounds ranging from the deep bass of the jumbo to the bright highs of the grand concert size. These are the guitars that have been instrumental (no pun intended) in establishing Teton as the go-to name in guitars. In addition to sounding amazing, they are built with care and passion resulting in top notch quality at a very affordable price.


The armrest guitars have become our flagship models and for good reason–they are beyond comfortable to play. These are like taking an already fast muscle car and putting a supercharger in it. The neck has a matte finish allowing for a smooth and fast playing experience. You’re not just playing this guitar, you’re experiencing it. A nice finishing touch on these models is the flamed maple armrest. Your eyes and ears have discovered musical Shangri-La.

Cool + Unique = 10 String!

If E=mc², then Cool + Unique has to equal the Teton 10-string. This is essentially a 12-string but without the last two drone strings on the bass side. This allows for a nice, strong bass sound while having the 12-string jingle on the high side. Need a drop D? Easy enough…two seconds, one string, and you’re done! The sound is unique as is the feel. If you’re used to playing 12-strings and are worried that the missing drone strings will throw you off, don’t worry. This guitar will feel natural within seconds.

Dreadnoughts, Auditoriums, Grand Concerts, and Jumbos…oh my!

Four body sizes and four distinct tones–how do you choose? One thing that these body shapes share is the overall brightness that spruce produces. From there, the tonal journey begins. The bigger the body, the more bass there will be. The smaller the body, the more focused the highs and upper mid-range will be. There is literally a world of tones in this series just waiting for you to discover. Go ahead and give our dealer finder a whirl and find the guitar of your dreams today!

And, don’t forget. To see this series and hear a few of them, check out the demo Ben and I did on Teton TV.

Until next time, stay awesome and keep playing!


Please send any questions and comments to team@tetonguitars.com