130SideImageThe 130 Series

Buckle up everybody and get ready for the charismatic 130 series! These amazing instruments are built with a solid Sitka Spruce top and maple back and sides. What kind of maple you ask? Well, let me introduce you to these fine guitars.



Both of these guitars come with flamed maple back and sides. The figuring is amazing! The grain pattern is tight and unique to each guitar–like a fingerprint. The dreadnought (STS130FMNT) has a nice punchy, bright sound. The grand concert (STG130FMCENT), also garnishing flamed maple on the back and sides, carries the same sound qualities but smaller and more focused. The STG130FMCENT also comes with a cutaway and Fishman Presys+ electronics.



Here’s our killer acoustic bass with flamed maple back and sides! This puppy has a shorter scale length than most acoustic basses at 32” and the body is a bit smaller than the norm as well. Don’t let this fool you. This guitar has an amazing amount of depth and boom. It’s comfortable to play and you don’t feel like you’re hugging a tree. To round things off, it has a cutaway with Fishman Presys+ electronics.



Looking for a head turner? Then check this one out. With spalted maple back and sides and each spalted pattern being unique for each guitar, this one will get people’s attention. But the coolness doesn’t stop there. How about a nice wood inlayed Teton logo on the headstock? Or a killer offset fingerboard inlay that switches to the opposite side at the 12th fret? Cutaway with Fishman Presys+ electronics? Oh yes…all this and more await you when you behold the STA130SMCENT. The auditorium body lends itself very nicely to spalted maple, producing a very distinct bright and warm sound.


There you have it! Four amazing guitars that you’ll find only at Teton Guitars. So what are you waiting for?! Check out our dealer finder and pick yours up today! Don’t forget to watch our August feature episode of Teton TV for a closer look at these too.

Stay awesome and keep playing!


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