100SeriesSideImageThe 100 Series

Welcome, everybody, to the 100 series! These are built with a solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides. If you are new to Teton guitars, then this series is the perfect starting point.

Here’s the rundown of the 100 series lineup:


These guitars are simply wonderful to play. They have a bright, energetic tone that becomes an addiction after only a few moments of playing.  All of the dreadnoughts have a gloss finish that is absolutely stunning to look at and is comfortable to play. The balance and feel of the guitar is so natural that you’ll swear this was made just for you. On the regular dreadnought (no electronics), you have two color options: natural or dark vintage sunburst.  The natural finish model is also available as a cutaway with electronics and as a 12-string cutaway with electronics–both are outfitted with Fishman Isys+ systems.



STS100CENT: cutaway with electronics

STS100CENT-12: Twelve string with cutaway and electronics

Grand Concert

Changing things up a bit, the grand concert has a matte finish instead of gloss and they are slightly smaller than the standard dreadnought size. However, there is nothing small about the sound. These guitars project extremely well! The person sitting in the back of the room will be in awe once you start playing this. The sound has nice bright highs, perfect lows, and a slight scooping in the midrange. This model is also available as a cutaway with Fishman Isys+ electronics.


STG100CENT: cutaway with electronics


These guitars are in a league of their own. Classified as a ¾ size or mini jumbo they have the smallest body size and shortest scale length (23.75”) that we offer. This guitar also has a small arch on the backside which further adds to the uniqueness. The result is an awesome little guitar with an incredible sound! The bass is dialed back and the mids and highs are boosted giving this guitar a pleasing voice, all while maintaining a respectable, yet comfortable, volume. The range is perfect for those fun times out at the beach or camping excursions with family and friends. It’s compact, easy to play in groups, and has a sound that forges memories for a lifetime. This particular 100 series model comes in an open pore finish which looks/feels great and is available with or without the Fishman Isys+ electronics system.


STR100ENT-OP: equipped with electronics, no cutaway

Be sure to check out our dealer locator page so you can try these guitars out today. Stay awesome and keep playing!


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