TetonTVSideImageI’ve found this a hard topic to write about as I just can’t seem to truly convey my excitement without sounding ridiculously cheesy and getting a little emotional. So, here goes everything! I’ve been talking nonstop to my family and friends about the Teton Basecamp Studio for months now. When they quit listening I just started talking to my dog, who always looked interested but eventually just fell asleep. I’d become almost evangelical in wanting to spread the good word of Teton, giddy when anyone showed the slightest interest in the project (meaning they hadn’t fallen asleep yet).

I’ve been with Teton from the beginning, hung on through all the ups and downs, twists, turns and growing pains. One of my biggest challenges as a sales rep has been that people didn’t know the Teton name. “Never heard of them,” they’d say, or “I can’t find anything about them online.” Wondering how best to combat that became something I thought about, a lot! We had word-of-mouth, we had our wonderful dealers, a website and other social media outlets, but there had to be more! I myself had a hard time finding things online, especially video, and when I did they weren’t always the best quality, but the views were high; people were out there looking for this content, craving it even.

Insert the Teton Basecamp Studio here → Our team spent all summer building a space where we could create our own video content, a space for creativity and sharing what we love about these stunning instruments. I’ve lost count of how many hours were spent building, painting, cleaning, moving and testing equipment–getting everything ready to go. Now it’s complete and my heart leaps with happiness each time I open the door to our basecamp hideaway! With each recording session I look around like an admiring parent at what we’ve created, proud of my small part in it. Watching our first completed video, I cried. Big teardrops of happiness, relief and pride rolled down my cheeks. We did it!

Teton TV will be our space to share demos, how to’s and performance pieces. Teton Artists Truman Brothers, Cary Judd and Lorin Walker Madsen have already stopped by to chat and jam. Jeremy, Mark and other guests have worked hard to bring you useful tips and tricks. We’ve created a space to help support the Teton line, inform customers and dealers and celebrate our love of music. I’m so grateful to be on this continued journey with the Teton team. Join us!

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Please send questions or comments to team@tetonguitars.com