The dictionary defines Mission Statement as follows:

mis·sion state·ment


a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

Recently someone asked if there was a Teton Mission Statement that they could read on our website. I began to reply with, “Do we need one? Our mission is to make great guitars. Mission accomplished.” Instead I said, “No, but I’ll see about getting something for you.”

Our team knows the mission and direction we’re going as a company, but it got me thinking. Does anyone else? We talk frequently about what Teton means to us and what it means to our customers, but we aren’t very vocal about it.

Our mission statement really is simple. We want to make the best sounding guitars at the best price. We strive to maintain the utmost integrity, both in the construction and quality of our instruments as well as the way we deal with those buying our products. We want music to be accessible and believe a beautiful instrument shouldn’t cost more than your average musician can afford. We believe in building strong relationships with independent music store owners and supporting their business growth. Our business began over 100 years ago and is still family-owned. We know our success depends on your success and our “mission” is to be here for another 100 years building beautiful instruments and creating music together.

Until next time,

— Jenn

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