QualityControlSideImagejpgDid you know each Teton instrument that leaves our humidity controlled warehouse is given a 10 point Quality Control inspection? Our guitar techs have years of experience and are guitar players themselves. They not only inspect each guitar carefully, they really care about how they look and sound. The people on our sales team frequently get calls that go something like this:

“Wow, this guitar sounds amazing.”

“I didn’t have to do anything to this Teton before hanging it on the wall.”

“Your QC team is fantastic! I couldn’t believe how well this guitar was setup when I got it.”

“Nobody sets up instruments like your guys do. I never worry about product coming from Teton.”

“Thank you guys for saving me so much time. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to get other guitar brands ready to sell.”

I’m sure you get the point, but we can’t speak highly enough about our tech team.

Teton’s 10 point inspection:

  1. Inspect finish
  2. Tune instrument
  3. Sight neck and adjust truss rod,if needed
  4. Tune instrument a second time
  5. Check electronics system
  6. Check fret tolerance
  7. Adjust nut and reshape, if needed
  8. Check saddle height and adjust, if needed
  9. Clean frets and fingerboard
  10. Polish finish and hardware