We often have people ask us what the best Teton guitar is. We like them all so there isn’t a “best” model, but the people who work here definitely have their favorites. Today I walked around Teton Basecamp and asked 17 people what their favorite model is. The variety of answers I received was kind of surprising. There were 4 different people who said they all loved the mahogany dreadnought model (STS203NT). Then there were 3 people who told me they liked the auditorium with spalted maple back and sides (STA130SMCENT). I became curious so I started asking why. Some liked a particular model because it looks really beautiful. The reasons I found most common among my coworkers’ love for their favorite Teton guitar, is the way it sounds, feels and plays. 

Another thing I noticed is that the majority of the favorites are the guitars that we own. So the question I have is, are these guitars our favorites because we own them?, OR, do we own them because they’re our favorites? I think it’s probably a combination of both. 

A few of us don’t have a favorite model but a favorite body style or type of finish. No one pointed it out but I noticed that 13 people said a model that has a matte/satin finish. Our luthier and QC guys have taught me most of what I know about guitars and I know they all prefer matte finish. Maybe some of us have been trained or taught to prefer certain things because I know I lean more for the sound and look of matte too. I also tend to go for warmer sounding wood as well, like mahogany or cedar. The combination of the satin finish and the warmer sounding wood is just fantastic to me. One person said their favorite is the Range body size because of the sound, size and resonance they produce – which all have an open pore finish.

I don’t want to influence the way you feel about the specs on guitars because we all have our own style and preference (which is awesome!). I just want to share what I observed from talking to people who sell, play, repair and design these instruments. It’s no surprise that most of us own more than one Teton guitar or ukulele. Fortunately, you don’t have to limit it to one model either. 

Once again, it comes down to what feels most comfortable and sounds the best TO YOU. No doubt about it, our crew LOVES Teton through and through. Get into a shop today, try one out and let us know which is your favorite! If you’re needing suggestions of how to begin shopping, we talk about that here.

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