Sloan Dalley is an award winning songwriter and musician, and she produces all of her music herself. She grew up in the music industry, and even took her first steps in a bar while listening to her parent’s band play. From a young age, she toured the U.S. playing huge venues and entertaining thousand of people.

Sloan studied music production at Berklee College of Music which led her to open up a humble recording studio in Pocatello, ID. She joined forces with her dad, Keith, and together they opened up a guitar shop, as well as several lesson studios. They stumbled across Teton guitars while they were looking for new brands to carry in their store. After this, they were immediately in love.

They felt so good about putting Tetons into the community of South East Idaho, because before Teton, there wasn’t a brand that could hit every price point for every budget. All while maintaining outstanding quality. When customers would compare mid range Tetons with other high end brands, they almost always chose the Teton.

You can find Sloan playing solo shows through California or playing in her band Happy Havoc throughout Idaho. When Sloan’s not on stage, you can find her in her home recording studio working on her newest passion.

Sloan is in the process of creating her own music publishing company, Sloan Dalley Publishing, where she will focus on sync licensing (pitching music to TV, movies, advertisements, etc). Sloan has an arsenal of guitars, but she loves using her Teton STA150CENT in the recording studio the most.


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