We have read in a number of places the question: Are Teton Guitars built in Idaho? One gentleman on a forum told everyone that we claim the guitars are built in the US. This claim is false. We currently work with 3 factories in China to produce our instruments. We have an extremely close relationship with these factories that allows us to control the quality and development of the line. Our acoustic factory is the same factory we have used since day one of Teton Guitars. As we have grown, they have grown. When their factory was almost completely lost in a fire, we mourned along with them and did what we could to help them rebuild. They are our friends and we are extremely happy to have such a wonderful relationship.

Please know that we would love to have a series of Teton guitars built in the US and, more specifically, in Idaho. We have visited with luthiers and, currently, it is cost-prohibitive based on where the brand is at this time. Our hope is that with continued growth that changes.


We have read all the speculation about who actually owns Teton guitars. Again, with not having a blog, we were unable to provide information and, therefore, other people created theories and put them out there for others to see. Teton Guitars is owned by Chesbro Music Co. We have been in business for over one hundred years. We are not too far away from the Teton mountain range. In fact, on a clear day we can see the peaks from the roof of our building.

As stated earlier, we do the development here in Idaho and work with the factories to create awesome instruments. After we receive the guitars and before they are shipped out to locally owned music stores all over the United States, we quality control the instruments and provide factory standard setups to each guitar as it is being prepared for shipment.

All of the guitars have a solid top. If the first number in the guitar starts with a 1, example STS105, then only the top is solid. If the number starts with a 2, example STS205, then this guitar has a solid top, back and sides. Please check back for a future blog post about what everything means in the Teton model number. We do have ukuleles that are all laminate. Currently, the 5 and 10 series of ukuleles are all laminate. In the near future, the ukulele model numbers will be similar to the guitar model numbers and an all laminate will look something like 003 for an all laminate mahogany top, back and sides ukulele. At this time, we do not use any brand name pickups on our electric guitars. We worked with a Korean factory to develop the pickups that are installed in the electrics. We went through a number of revisions before we finally found a sound we really liked.

Our Future

Some extra information regarding the electrics—we are working on developing new models.  We are spending some time re-envisioning the line. As things progress and we have prototypes to share with you, we invite you to stop back by the blog to see all the exciting changes that will be happening.

If you have any questions about Teton Guitars, or if you are still asking “are Teton Guitars built in Idaho?”, you can email us and we will answer them the best we can. Not every measurement on each guitar is committed to memory so we may have to do some research, but we love hearing from people who love the guitars and are sincerely curious about them and our story. Please send any questions or comments to ben@tetonguitars.com.

Thank you!