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This guitar blew me away from the first time I picked it up. True story…I had just bought a Breedlove Passport from a really well known, over priced music chain (rip off center) and stopped at a local small music store for some decently priced strings. I picked this guitar up while I was there, just for the heck of it, and was blown away! I immediately returned the Breedlove and came back and bought this one! Twice the sound and half the price, I can’t say enough about these guitars, simply amazing. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

-John (STS105CENT)

I received my brand new TEF50BK just in time for Christmas. I had been admiring one at a local guitar shop for awhile. I purchased this one on eBay. It is not only beautifully designed, it has a nice low action, making it easy to play, and sounds really good! I would highly recommend this guitar to everyone! I also own a Teton STG105CENT acoustic!
Thank you, Teton, for making such quality guitars at affordable prices! Keep up the good work!

-Del Yager (TEF50BK)

This guitar has had great response at open mics and from friends I jam with. The looks are great and the sound is better. I always have trouble getting it back out of other peoples hands.

Tom’s Guitars in Medford, Oregon, was an excellent representative of “Teton’s” product line. They let me play everything on the shelf with no pressure. The guitar sold itself and I was prepared to throw down more for the other name brands to find the fulfilling depth that the cedar offers.

I purchased the guitar quite a distance from my hometown and never have returned to the shop. This guitar was not represented in the guitar center in my area and I was pleased to support a small local vendor in Medford.

It has now become my 17 year old boy’s obsession….much appreciated that the Teton guitar has more appeal than the digital world.

Now comes the unfortunate portion of the story…

I was under the impression that the Fishman pick-up was a good way to go. The sound was great and the tuner was convenient.

My first problem came within a month of purchasing the guitar in 8/2012 which was when the power switch on the mechanism didn’t turn off, thus requiring the battery to need to be removed to avoid draining down. Always a bit of a hassle as the battery always seemed to get left in and die. The second problem with it was when the clip that held the rotation of the lid/battery access broke, it started flopping open/closed. Now the wires in the harness have popped out and it doesn’t work.

I called Tom’s Guitars today and they pointed out it had a (2) year warranty. I had not realized this and take full responsibility for not asking for a replacement. I understand from “Tom’s Guitar Shop” that Teton has excellent customer service.

-Michael Brown (STS205CENT)

This is an incredible sounding and playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick – totally versatile; it does it all. I would not trade mine for anything else I have played or heard at twice the price. Great tone at low volumes and solid electronics. Plays great right off the rack. Although mine was set up professionally by Bill St. John at Music Central in Colorado Springs, a few months after I bought it there, no bridge or nut adjustments were needed, just some basic fret work once the instrument adjusted to our altitude and climate.

-Kevin Rose (STS205CENT)

I had two guitars before my Teton. A bad starter electric guitar (Ibanez Gio) and an OK acoustic guitar (Fender Sonoran). I was 13 for the electric and 14 for the acoustic. I had both of these guitars and played them semi-frequently for a few years. I was then in the market for 12-string when I was 17, as I was starting to get more serious about playing music. I found a decent Fender 12-string at a chain guitar shop for $199 that I was seriously considering buying at the time. That is until Chad at our local shop, Guitar Stop (which is where I had gotten my Fender Sonoran a few years before), had me play the Teton 12-string. Within minutes I had dropped every single thought of purchasing a Fender acoustic again. I ended up buying my STS105NT-12 after a few weeks of saving up and this company has changed my entire musical life since then. Nowhere else could I POSSIBLY find a guitar with such tone and personality for anywhere even close to the price of a Teton. It is almost the entire reason I take music as seriously as I do now, because being a teenager with little money does not constitute having a nice guitar. Within months, I ended up selling my Fender, Ibanez, and Fender amp all to buy more Teton guitars. I currently have the STS105NT-12, STS105NT, and TC003. The only other guitar I own is a Limited Edition TV Yellow Faded Gibson Les Paul (also from Guitar Stop). All of these guitars stand toe-to-toe with one another. I could not ask for a better guitar company than Teton. They have shown great customer service and respect for me as a customer over the last few years and I look forward to much more business with them in the near and distant future. I recommend anyone looking for an affordable guitar that can stand up to the best from big, name brand companies stop in to a local dealer and try out a Teton.

-Joshua Jemison (STS105NT-12)

My first thought is to say that this is one of the nicest most well-crafted guitars I have played for the price. Let’s just say, it is one helluva guitar at any price! I am 50 years old and have been playing guitars for 40 of those years. My father had a luthier shop and, after he retired, built guitars every day. I know quality in craftsmanship when I see and hear it. I also know that pretty guitars are not necessarily good sounding or well playing guitars. This guitar covers it all! Thanks ‘Teton’! You guys ROCK!

-Arland Lane (STG150CENT-AR)

Plays nice. Feels nice. Sounds nice. Good guitar for the money.

-Dan (STS110CENT)

I am lucky enough to have #44. The sound is phenomenal. My local music store (Canby Music) got their Teton 5th Anniversary Guitar and he was showing it off. I checked around our area and found mine at CHW Guitars. As soon as I played it, I knew I had to have it. I’ve played several thousand dollar big name guitars and this Teton blows them away. My advice to anyone who can find one–BUY IT!!
Well done, Teton, well done.

-Tom Faber (STS203NT)

I LOVE this guitar! I love the playability and tone from this. It had proper fret dressing, no jagged edges, and has an awesome sound unplugged and plugged in. I looked at the Taylor GS Mini (I had owned one previously) and this one blew it out of the water in tone and playability.

-Neil (STG170ENT)

I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years. I bought this guitar as an addition to the Eastman ac512ce that I own. This guitar is of the same outstanding quality as my Eastman and was $600 less in price! Both guitars are solid mahogany back and sides. The Eastman has an Engelmann spruce top and the Teton has a western cedar top.

I use Thomastik Plectrum ac110 super light string sets on my instruments and when I put them on this Teton, the sound was soooo mellow, just gorgeous! I use 2 Yamaha THR5’s with a splitter cable to play through. I am a fingerstylist and play arrangements by Atkins, Travis, Yandell, Piburn, etc.

I just started playing this guitar out and the response to the mellowness produced by the instrument has been amazing! I love playing this instrument! Teton guitars are awesome! Keep up the good work!

I also want to give a shout out to Fine Ukes, which is the dealer that I bought the guitar from, for the excellent service I received on this purchase. Thank you!

-Rich Limouze (STG205CENT)