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I’ve been on the prowl for an acoustic bass for a while and had narrowed my search to one specific big-name brand and model. I hadn’t pulled the trigger when I chanced upon this Teton model hanging in a local shop. How lucky – I spent less than 1/3 the cost of the bass I had been planning on purchasing, without sacrificing one iota in workmanship, playability, tone, and aesthetics. I can’t say enough good things about this bass – GREAT tone, PERFECT set-up out the door, GORGEOUS woods, and INCREDIBLE, THUNDEROUS low-end when amplified. This is my first Teton. I doubt it will be my last. Well done. Extremely well done…

-Michael G ( STB130FMCENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I was in Grand Junction, Colorado, trolling the music stores. I was specifically looking for an acoustic guitar that I could sing with; something that sounded good with my voice. I suppose I tried every guitar in several music stores. Mesa Music provided me a really great shopping experience. I told the store keeper that I was looking for a guitar and they just let me go for it. I picked up every guitar in the store.

I had seen a couple of Teton guitars in other stores but the brand name was really new to me. I picked up my STS110CENT and from the first note I played I was sold. This guitar has a strong voice, a good rich sound and a strong throat. I sing with a pretty loud voice so I need my guitar to speak up and this one does. I was looking for a sound that was a little stronger on the low end and bright on top; this guitar really provides what I was looking for. I write most of my songs for acoustic guitar. My influences are the Byrds, CSNY and America. My Teton guitar fits really well in that genre. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I suppose every musician looks for the right sound first and the look of the instrument is a secondary consideration. My guitar looks really great. It has a nice light color that I really like and the body of the guitar fits well in my arms. I like the neck shape and the fret board is roomy enough for my fat fingers. The guitar is comfortable for my style of play. I have a single cutaway so it is easy go get into the higher part of the fret board (although I don’t spend a lot of time up there).

This is an acoustic electric and the Fishman electronics work great. I have a couple of tuners so I have compared the on board tuner with the tuner on my effects board and they match up pretty well. The LEDs are easy to read and the volume, phase and tone knobs are easy to adjust. I don’t like my instrument cable sticking out of the face of my guitar so I appreciate the location of the 1/4 inch cable port and battery box at the bottom curve of the instrument where it’s convenient yet out of the way.

I’ve had my Teton guitar for nearly six months now. It holds tune really well and sounds great. I have two guitars, a bass, and a drum kit in my little band room. Of all my toys, the Teton acoustic electric gets the most use. It is flexible and versatile and fits well into my style of music. I play mostly my own music. Whether I’m practicing, writing new stuff, playing my old music, or trying to figure out a Bob Dylan tune, my STS110CENT has been a great companion and an inspiring musical voice for me.

Like I said before, I really couldn’t be happier with my Teton STS110CENT.

Rock on!!

-Craig Shocklee ( STS110CENT ) on Mar 29, 2017

Well, I’ve been playing this guitar for months now and I love it. Best acoustic guitar I’ve ever owned! I’m giving it 5 stars now!

-Tom ( STS100NT ) on May 03, 2017

After being lucky enough to find #44 of the 5th anniversary STS203NT and loving the sound that comes out of it, I found myself looking for another Teton Guitar I could plug in. I went into our local music store (Canby Music) and saw the STS160ZICENT. The look of the Ziricote on the sides and back really caught my eye. I can’t state enough how beautiful this guitar is. As soon as I pulled it down and played it, I was sold again on the quality sound that comes from Teton Guitars. I have let a few friends play it too and each one of them can’t believe what great sound comes from such a beautiful and affordable guitar.
Thank you again, Teton Guitars, for going above and beyond in quality and design.

-Tom Faber ( STS160ZICENT ) on May 21, 2018

This is my favorite go-to guitar these days. It’s always at arm’s reach. The tone is warm, the instrument is responsive, and the volume is quite impressive. The intonation is also very good and the craftsmanship for an instrument in this price range is just incredible. I have several high-end guitars, but I keep coming back to this one for my day-to-day instrument.

-Andrew Shepard-Smith ( STC105NT ) on Nov 28, 2016

After over 40 years of labor earning restriction and now approaching retirement age, I decided to rediscover my music appreciation which youth instruction afforded me. Years ago I received piano instruction for a decade as a youth and moved to guitar for ease of access. I’ve had a number of acoustics in the past but never kept them. But now I wanted to settle with a comfortable instrument that would last me a long time and provide the enjoyment I need. I tried this one out in a local music store alongside at least a hundred others and, to tell the truth, this one stood out for ease of fingering, fullness of sound, and texture to the grip. All of these contribute to a comfortable experience, regardless of the level of activity. I tried many of the brand names available and none matched the selection I made. And when I discovered the affordability in comparison to most of the others, my decision was made. You folks at Teton had constructed, at least in this instrument, one of the finest available to the public. Thank you for finding the right ingredients!

-Kevin R Koutnik ( STG105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

When I tell people I bought an electric Ukulele they chuckle to themselves as if it’s a silly idea. But this thing is screamin! They are no longer chuckling when they hear it played live. The sound is crisp and the intonation is great across the board.

For the price, this ukulele is a must have for anyone whether you just think a ukulele would be a fun little toy or you want a new sounding angle for a screaming lead ukulele in your jam band.

P.S. I don’t review anything, but I read reviews all the time. I was frustrated and surprised to see that this item had no reviews. I scoured the web for days searching for information and there is some useful stuff out there. BUT, I digress. The point is this: my first review ever and the first review of this instrument on the site.

IT’S GREAT, well worth the price. If you have any inclination on buying this, you should.

-Tate Robinson ( STEU101 ) on Nov 28, 2016

I got this guitar about 3 months ago. Have played nothing but electric (3 Fenders) until I got this guitar…. have not played the electrics since I got it….great 🎸….great tone, great action, easy to play for an acoustic…. excellent product.

-Bob G ( STA150NT-AR ) on Jun 26, 2017

This is my second Teton product. This guitar is wonderful, to say the least; very full sounding and a joy to play. It won’t be my last!

-Eddie Edwards ( STS105CENT ) on Apr 22, 2018

I wanted a great sounding acoustic guitar at an affordable price. After trying several familiar brands at the local music store, the salesperson handed me a Teton STS100NT. The tone was just what I wanted and I couldn’t believe such a great sounding guitar was actually available within my budget. I am so happy with my purchase, and will be recommending Teton Guitars from now on.

-Matt L. ( STS100NT ) on Feb 14, 2017