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Was in the market for a smaller acoustic as I have always played dreadnaught and was never quite comfortable(I’m 5’6”), went to my local music store Hero Music here in El Paso TX. There were a few that caught my eye, a Martin, a Taylor GSMini, a Takamine and the Teton.
After playing around with all of them I fell in love with the 105Cent and kept coming back to it. As a fingerstyle player who doesn’t use any acrylics I was sold on how well this guitar picked up my plucking.

-Donnie Ward ( STG105CENT ) on Feb 03, 2021

I was on my way to look for a Taylor or an Eastman guitar and I happened to spot a music store on the way so I stopped to look and see if they had what I was looking for. I had never heard of Teton so I asked the tech some questions and he was very excited about the Teton gutiars. He showed me some models and let me strum them. I have owned some very nice guitars and I just wanted a daily one that I can take with me in the car when I go in field. Man was I surprised! I love the sound of the guitar. I would have to step up to a higher priced unit at two to three times what I paid to get perhaps a match to the sound of the Teton.

-Juan ( STS105CENT ) on Jun 16, 2020

my friend let me borrow his stgt180cent-ar guitar to try out. I didnt want to give it back. you can see a video review of the guitar I did for it here:

-Denis Taaffe ( STG180CENT-AR ) on May 14, 2021

After over 40 years of labor earning restriction and now approaching retirement age, I decided to rediscover my music appreciation which youth instruction afforded me. Years ago I received piano instruction for a decade as a youth and moved to guitar for ease of access. I’ve had a number of acoustics in the past but never kept them. But now I wanted to settle with a comfortable instrument that would last me a long time and provide the enjoyment I need. I tried this one out in a local music store alongside at least a hundred others and, to tell the truth, this one stood out for ease of fingering, fullness of sound, and texture to the grip. All of these contribute to a comfortable experience, regardless of the level of activity. I tried many of the brand names available and none matched the selection I made. And when I discovered the affordability in comparison to most of the others, my decision was made. You folks at Teton had constructed, at least in this instrument, one of the finest available to the public. Thank you for finding the right ingredients!

-Kevin R Koutnik ( STG105CENT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

I was wandering around a music store and saw a used guitar sitting on a rack. I had never heard of Teton guitars but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I was immediately impressed with how nice the action felt. The guitar has nice playability and really good sound. The auditorium body makes it really comfortable to play as well. Since the guitar was only a couple hundred dollars, I bought it. I was a little surprised to find out how inexpensive the guitar would have been new. As far as bang for your buck goes, the Teton STA150CENT is a great deal.

-Steve ( STA150CENT-OLD ) on Sep 21, 2019

I purchased this guitar yesterday and, so far, I have nothing but positive things to say. Aesthetically, the cedar top is very beautiful; the neck is comfortable and very smooth. The sound is incredibly crisp and loud. Tuning is easy and precise adjustments are simple to make. Because it’s new, I haven’t had a problem yet. It didn’t come with a pick guard but that’s not really a problem. Overall, beautiful guitar, great sound, fun and easy to play.

-Dakota W ( STJ105NT-OLD ) on Apr 27, 2017

I had previously purchased a lower end Teton guitar and was impressed with the sound/tone so I decided to buy a higher end 205CENT. I’m afraid I was disappointed with my new 205CENT. I purchased it from an online certified Teton dealer and when it arrived the fret ends were sharp/pointy-not what I would expect from a higher end guitar. The tone was somewhat flat too. It didn’t have a full sound-it just sounded like a cheaper guitar-no real bass/low end. Lastly, the action was set incredibly high. I did end up taking it to a local luthier to have the frets dressed and action lowered but again-not something I should be doing on a brand new, $650 guitar. I ended up selling it. Teton customer service was no help either. I emailed several times describing the issues and didn’t even get a reply.

-tom ( ) on Dec 03, 2019

My wife bought me this guitar for Father’s Day. While walking around town, we stopped at the local music store, La Grande Sound and Music. We were drawn to the color at first; then the sound knocked us out. I have not played guitar in many years but this instrument is so easy to play and the sound cannot be beat. I love this guitar and I will not buy any other brand guitar EVER.

-Mark Goodman ( STS100TBL-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

I stopped in our “local” guitar shop (The Guitar Czar) in Murray, Utah a few times in the past month. Jimmy Lauscher is a great guitar player and also works as the Store Manager there. When I asked him what he had in an Acoustic/Electric, Dreadnaught Guitar (w/cut-out), in a reasonable price-range, which wasn’t either a used wreck or a guitar that no one knows how it was cared for, or a quality guitar, which just happened to be on sale and/or that was relatively inexpensive.

He walked right to theSTS100CENT – Pau Ferro and took it down from on high. I was immediately taken aback by the clarity of the sound (especially in the midrange) of this wonderful guitar. It is truly a joy to play and with an added Tone-Wood Amp magnetically attached to the back!!!

If you are looking for a guitar to pair with the Tone-Wood… look no further than Teton Guitars!!! The wood quality and workmanship already result in incredible sounds. Add a Tone-Wood Amp to them and you have a truly unique instrument!!!

Either way… Guitar Czar… Jimmy Lauscher… Teton Guitars,,, and all other accessories that I have built up over the years… All have combined to give me a first rate experience with Teton Guitars at the center of it all!!!

-Scott L Ritchie` ( STS100CENT ) on Aug 27, 2019

Bought a beautiful Jumbo at Graner Music in Colorado Springs that has just become a wonderful friend. Workmanship was excellent and the setup absolutely perfect. Only flaw was a very small white cracked seal on my D string tuner. Tuner still functions well but unsure if will be problematic in the future. The sound of this guitar is amazing. A large, dynamic and lyrical quality with beautiful sustain and decay. Plays like butter. Most comfortable jumbo I’ve played. The cedar sounds warm and detailed. I had the chance to play about 5 Tetons and they were all very good guitars. I was down travelling from Canada and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at finding this great of a guitar at this price point. It holds its own with Martin, Taylor and Gibson for sound. Very pleased. Thanks to Teton for a great inspiring instrument!

-james coates ( STJ105NT-OLD ) on Aug 28, 2018