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It’s a great guitar. Like how it sings…

-Bill ( STS150NT-OLD ) on Jul 11, 2017

One of the best kept secrets: this guitar has the sweetest sound for rhythm. It is no longer produced because of expense with koa and dealers not buying them. I bought about ten and sold off all but two. I have one myself and use it for recording back tracks. If you can find one, grab it!

-Mike ( STS170NT-OLD ) on Jan 11, 2018

I love my STEU102 Teton ukulele! You should buy one today. I’m a casual uke player and I only play for myself and sometimes for my wife but my Teton uke is the best. First of all, it’s beautiful and well built. As a solid body, I don’t have to worry too much about hurting it and the master builders @ Teton chose the most colorful wood. Friends are always complimenting on its rich colors.
Great workmanship but, for me, it’s all about the sound. Without plugging in I get a small sweet sound (good for practice) and when I plug in to any amp or Garageband, I can really rock. It’s great to have options. Sure, I can do the strum strum Tip Toe thru the Tulips thing but I can also do Crazy Train.
Thanks Teton for a crazy great uke.

-Andy Havington ( STEU102 ) on Feb 14, 2017

I wrote this for Guitar World, the hyperlink is at the bottom. Here is me raving about this guitar –

I did not want another acoustic.
I certainly did not need another guitar.

Between acoustics, electrics, guitars, bases, and ukuleles…my collection sits at around 15 various guitars.

Though I play guitar and bass in a local rock and roll bar band, my heart has always been with acoustic guitars. It always will be.

For some reason, though, every acoustic I owned was a dreadnought. I always preferred their throaty and volume heavy delivery.

As someone who spent about 25 years playing solo acoustic for friends and neighbors, I view the acoustic as much more than just melodic rhythm. When you are all alone, you and your guitar must also be bass and melody and percussion as well. For these reasons, I was always a dreadnought guy.
With that being said, I did not intend to buy this guitar. I was killing time in the guitar store adjacent to my podiatrist waiting for an appointment.
I picked up the Teton just because it looked so stunning. I played it for a bit and it sounded stunning.

‘Tone’ is such a subjective and overused term – but this little fella has a magical tone. It’s a small guitar, by my standards anyway. I think it would be called a ‘parlor’ guitar. Further research tells me it is classified as a ‘grand’.
Within about five minutes I fell in love with it. Knowing that I didn’t need any more guitars, I put it back on the wall. As I did that, I saw the price. $300. It literally sounded to me like an $800 guitar. For $300, I couldn’t afford not to have it. I found that Martin’s sound great fingerpicking, but sounded muddled for a lot of rhythm stuff. I found Taylor’s to have the opposite problem. Great rhythm sound, but not crisp enough for fingerpicking. These were issues I identified without looking. I was quite surprised to find that neither of the higher end (each was at least a grand) had the well rounded capabilities the Teton had.

Here is what ‘tone’ means to me. It is throaty when I want it to be. It is also crisp and rich and trebly when I want it to be. Let me be even more specific – I did a blind playing test… having my wife hand me the finalists of several guitars.

Then, I found out they were American made. The decision was easy, right after I called my wife and begged her to let me buy yet another guitar. I didn’t have to do this, but she would do the same for me at that price point. We aren’t rich.

I bought this guitar to be my #2, behind my amazing Takamine EAN10C. After about day 3, it became my #1 guitar – the one I play daily.
Oh my, it is SO nice playing a small guitar. Everything about the interface is just easier. Because it has an onboard pre-amp and tuner, it was also immediately integrated into the band environment. It has been a hit with everyone.

I think one of my favorite aspects of this guitar is the price point. It’s something I can take camping or over to a buddy’s house and not worry about it. My beloved Takamine cost me a grand, so I wasn’t comfortable letting it leave the house.

Sadly, now, the Takamine sits on the wall and hardly gets played. That is not to be taken as an indictment against the Takamine, but as an endorsement of the Teton.

This guitar is also just stunning visually. I love the wood and finish choices. Remember, that is what made me pick up the guitar in the first place. As they say, “you eat with your eyes, first!”

Here is the link to my above review. I have the rights to distribute and publish this, and I am offering them to you as well.

-Kevin Lang ( STS110CENT-OLD ) on Mar 10, 2017

As I was in the music store waiting for them to special order my first guitar, a Teton STA150CENT-AR, because they didn’t carry one in the store, I picked up a STS105NT to pick around on. WOW! When I was told I would know the guitar I had to have when I played it and heard it, I had no idea what that really meant…this guitar sang to me! I wasn’t even sure how playing the guitar would pan out for me at the time and was in the middle of the purchase of a more upscale model but I knew I had to have this guitar! So, I now own 2 Tetons! That was 9 months ago and I believe that having this guitar (and the Auditorium) have helped to keep me inspired to learn and play guitar. The sound of the STS105NT is different than my STA150CENT-AR and very intimate and warm by comparison. I have played it while camping twice and have actually put more time on this guitar. The sound is incredible and I usually practice longer than intended when I’m playing this guitar. I do love both and hats off to Teton for their guitars!

-Jeremy Casner ( STS105NT-OLD ) on Aug 25, 2017

I love this ukulele! It has a very comfortable action and what a voice! It has as much volume without a pick as my 8 string tenor with one. What a beautiful instrument.

-Dennis Theis ( TC130SMG ) on Oct 03, 2019

My first thought is to say that this is one of the nicest most well-crafted guitars I have played for the price. Let’s just say, it is one helluva guitar at any price! I am 50 years old and have been playing guitars for 40 of those years. My father had a luthier shop and, after he retired, built guitars every day. I know quality in craftsmanship when I see and hear it. I also know that pretty guitars are not necessarily good sounding or well playing guitars. This guitar covers it all! Thanks ‘Teton’! You guys ROCK!

-Arland Lane ( STG150CENT-AR-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

When I tell people I bought an electric Ukulele they chuckle to themselves as if it’s a silly idea. But this thing is screamin! They are no longer chuckling when they hear it played live. The sound is crisp and the intonation is great across the board.

For the price, this ukulele is a must have for anyone whether you just think a ukulele would be a fun little toy or you want a new sounding angle for a screaming lead ukulele in your jam band.

P.S. I don’t review anything, but I read reviews all the time. I was frustrated and surprised to see that this item had no reviews. I scoured the web for days searching for information and there is some useful stuff out there. BUT, I digress. The point is this: my first review ever and the first review of this instrument on the site.

IT’S GREAT, well worth the price. If you have any inclination on buying this, you should.

-Tate Robinson ( STEU101 ) on Nov 28, 2016

I have enjoyed my guitar. It has great sound and the action is nice for these old fingers.

-John Allen ( STS150NT-OLD ) on Jul 11, 2017

I’ve been playing a cheaper Bennet guitar for 11 years and it was alright. I’m not a performer or anything; I just love to play. Then, my friend, who wants to learn to play, picked up a Teton parlour style guitar and, though smaller, its sound kicked the crap out of my 3/4. Well, as luck would have it, I recently broke my old guitar and went shopping for a new Teton. I played every Teton in my price range and they all sounded great but, when I picked this one up, I was instantly in love. The bass and volume are incredible and it doesn’t sacrifice anything on the highs. I was literally blown away and, as I play old songs that I have played dozens of times, they sound new again on this guitar. It is so warm sounding and fits perfectly on your leg as you sit and play.

-Skyler ( STA105NT-OLD ) on Nov 25, 2017