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Outstanding sound, resonance and construction. I have been playing acoustic guitars for +50 years and am pleased with the Teton STG150CENT. I spent several hours in a sound room at my local music store before I decided on the 150. It has deep, resonant sound, very pleasing tone. In fact, I just purchased it yesterday noon, practiced a little with it yesterday and played at church services last night where I got a standing ovation. Outstanding sound!! I purchased a Martin DX1 about 5 years ago and have been disappointed by it. After about 4 years, it began cracking from the top/side joint into the body about 3″. I found the nearest guitar repairman and he finally satisfactorily repaired it. My dealer claimed that I had not cared for it, allowing it dry due to very low humidity. I treat all three of my guitars with care and have NEVER had that problem with any of the other two which are in the same environment as the Martin. Bottom Line: Teton makes a great guitar.

-Rich Jennings ( STG150CENT-OLD ) on Sep 02, 2018

I’ve been looking for an A/E cutaway as I have been playing more on the upper frets lately. I had a big name guitar a year ago and it just didn’t do it for me. I was looking around online for some “lesser known” brands hoping to find a “diamond in the rough” for a reasonable price and stumbled upon Teton Guitars. Did some research for a couple of weeks and finally pulled the trigger on this beauty. WOW! I’m very impressed with the tone, playability right out of the box and quality of this guitar. I play in a trio and brought the guitar to practice. Our singer was immediately taken by the look of the guitar with the maple armrest. Our other guitar player walked in as I was fingerpicking a song and his face lit up. I let him play the guitar for a couple of minutes and then asked both of them what they thought. Both thought it was a beautiful sounding guitar and after asking them what they thought I paid for it new, they were shocked when I told them that it was 2-1/2 times less than what they guessed. I am currently trying to sell one of my solid wood guitars and, when I do, another Teton is definitely in my future!!

-Bob Trebra ( STA150CENT-AR-OLD ) on Jun 12, 2018

As I was in the music store waiting for them to special order my first guitar, a Teton STA150CENT-AR, because they didn’t carry one in the store, I picked up a STS105NT to pick around on. WOW! When I was told I would know the guitar I had to have when I played it and heard it, I had no idea what that really meant…this guitar sang to me! I wasn’t even sure how playing the guitar would pan out for me at the time and was in the middle of the purchase of a more upscale model but I knew I had to have this guitar! So, I now own 2 Tetons! That was 9 months ago and I believe that having this guitar (and the Auditorium) have helped to keep me inspired to learn and play guitar. The sound of the STS105NT is different than my STA150CENT-AR and very intimate and warm by comparison. I have played it while camping twice and have actually put more time on this guitar. The sound is incredible and I usually practice longer than intended when I’m playing this guitar. I do love both and hats off to Teton for their guitars!

-Jeremy Casner ( STS105NT-OLD ) on Aug 25, 2017

Awesome construction. Of all the ukes I own, I am most pleased with this purchase. It is QUIET…and I can practice without disturbing anyone. It also has a head phone jack so I can listen to myself play. The MP3 port lets me listen/play with music put into the port. Love the strap buttons. Free gig case. Fantastic!

-Richard Kimball ( STEU102 ) on Nov 28, 2016

I purchased this guitar about 4 years ago. The original one that I purchased was flawed and the bridge began separating from the body. The store I purchased it from replaced it with a new guitar, no questions asked. The new guitar was great until about a year ago when it also started to do the same thing where the bridge is separating from the body. The guitar also will not hold a tune now. I have emailed customer service twice now with absolutely no response at all to try and correct the problem. Hope this helps. I would not give this a great rating.

-Anthony Collado ( STS155CENT-OLD ) on Apr 30, 2018

Visited LaGrande Stereo, LaGrande Oregon. The STS130FMNT caught my eyes when Mike showed me the guitar. One word – beautiful! Great sound. Fit and finish also great. Well done. By the way, I bought it.

-Preach ( STS130FMNT-OLD ) on Aug 26, 2017

Bought a beautiful Jumbo at Graner Music in Colorado Springs that has just become a wonderful friend. Workmanship was excellent and the setup absolutely perfect. Only flaw was a very small white cracked seal on my D string tuner. Tuner still functions well but unsure if will be problematic in the future. The sound of this guitar is amazing. A large, dynamic and lyrical quality with beautiful sustain and decay. Plays like butter. Most comfortable jumbo I’ve played. The cedar sounds warm and detailed. I had the chance to play about 5 Tetons and they were all very good guitars. I was down travelling from Canada and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at finding this great of a guitar at this price point. It holds its own with Martin, Taylor and Gibson for sound. Very pleased. Thanks to Teton for a great inspiring instrument!

-james coates ( STJ105NT-OLD ) on Aug 28, 2018

I have enjoyed my 50 Willow Concert uke for 3 months. It sounds beautiful and projects as strongly as my Mahogany tenor from another brand. The solid cedar top with wooden circle inlay is sweet. The detail in the neck and fretboard trim still catch my attention. It is my “travel guitar” “go to uke” and I leave it in my car so its handy. I have grown to love the smaller size to travel with. It’s so fun to transfer my guitar songs to the ukulele. Tuners are solid. Added a strap button, leather strap, and Gator Case to protect it. Thank you, Teton, for a great solid cedar top concert uke that makes me smile.

-gary osteen ( 50 Willow ) on Nov 28, 2016

I purchased a 205 NT a year and 1/2 ago. I had a Fender Thinline pickup installed at the time of purchase. This all solid wood guitar resonates like no other guitar I have owned. I can honestly say that playing acoustic, this beautiful instrument overpowers my voice. It seems like each time I pick it up the sound is better and better. The bass, mid’s and treble complement each other beautifully. Having the Thinline pickup is such a plus. Plug this beauty in and get pure tones out of my amplifier. Have to turn the amp up because the Thinline is nothing more than a pickup. I play basic chords and pick in between them. I like how this guitar resonates each note in the chord equally while strumming or riffing within the chord. I have my first new purchased guitar which is an acoustic Tanara from 1983. I didn’t think I’d ever find a guitar that could resonate better but the Teton proved me wrong. My Yamaha 700 CX fingers much easier but also has a few hundred bucks in upgrades on it. My Teton 205 NT has its place in my guitar holder which is within reach at a whim. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a grand sound at a price that is inexpensive for a full solid body guitar. I expect this treasure to continue to get more and more tone ( if that is possible) as it ages. If I could afford it, I would buy an electrified version to add to my versatility. I’ve played a few other models from Teton and I like the sound of each in its own way. Definitely a low cost guitar that rivals many higher priced guitars on the market. A beautifully crafted and grand sounding instrument.

-Fred Sweatfield ( STS205NT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

Value is the first word that comes to mind when reviewing this guitar. I can no longer find this particular model on the Teton website so I assume it has been discontinued. It features a solid cedar top with solid rosewood back and sides (current models use mahogany). I believe the binding may be walnut or a combination of woods–in any case, gorgeous. It contains the Fishman PRESYS+ electronics and its sound is great–really solid all around, with no tinny stuff to be found. I have been amazed at the guitar I got for the money. To top it all off, the cedar smell when opening the case is to die for. I have to believe this was discontinued because they couldn’t afford to continue making this instrument at anywhere near the price they charged. Thank you, Teton.

-Dave Warren ( STS155CENT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016