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This guitar has a great depth of sound. I like a guitar that rattles my belly when I hit the low notes and this one sounds good when using Drop D or DADGAD tunings. Very open sound, with clear highs. I haven’t plugged it in so I can’t say what the electronics sound like but, as for micing, it rocks. I usually mic it in the studio with a Neumann TLM 103 or the AKG C1000 and it sounds great on the recordings. Cutting through the mix, or as a background part, it is easy to place the guitar in the mix and the price is incredible. Oops, did I say it has a good price? YEP! It does.

-Stephen Jylz Kircher (STS105CENT)

This is an incredible sounding and playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick – totally versatile; it does it all. I would not trade mine for anything else I have played or heard at twice the price. Great tone at low volumes and solid electronics. Plays great right off the rack. Although mine was set up professionally by Bill St. John at Music Central in Colorado Springs, a few months after I bought it there, no bridge or nut adjustments were needed, just some basic fret work once the instrument adjusted to our altitude and climate.

-Kevin Rose (STS205CENT)

I really love the tone and finish of this guitar. I’m 53 and have been playing since I was 8 years old. Over the years I have owned a lot of nice guitars. This one is one of my favorites. The only reason I gave this guitar 4 stars instead of 5 was the action on it when I received it was a lot higher than I like. This was an easy fix. It came with a different nut and saddle; once I changed them out, definitely a five star guitar. The price was incredible for such a quality guitar! Thanks, Teton.

-Kevin R Batcher (STS170NT)

I’d been in the market for a new guitar for a few months but just couldn’t find the sound I was looking for. I happened to walk into one of Boise’s music stores that had relocated but was known to me as a good place for sheet music. Just looking for a piece of sheet music, I noticed the Teton Guitars. I’d never heard of them but decided to play one. The first one I played, I found the sound I had been looking for. I have been playing for the better part of 30 years and was impressed with this guitar company and this particular model of guitar with such a warm sound and great action. It’s every bit as good as many high-end guitars that I’ve played and it’s half the price.

-Kenneth Christianson (STS205CENT)

Still love my twelve!! This is not to say I don’t. But you know what I’d like? A little aging toner on the top before the finish is applied would go a long way to make this more stage-friendly. The stark white top is almost blinding under the lights. And a couple more things would be nice: I wish this was made in a grand auditorium or even a 000 size. I don’t own any other dreadnoughts and the smaller body is much more comfortable to play. And one more suggestion – this guitar is so beautifully appointed with wood binding and such, that it just begs for a rosewood body. While this guitar is still the best twelve-string I have ever owned, it would be the best ever in a small-bodied rosewood guitar with a less stark top. Anybody at Teton listening? You’d have an absolute winner with these features!!!

-Russ Stratton (STS100CENT-12)

My wife bought me this guitar for Father’s Day. While walking around town, we stopped at the local music store, La Grande Sound and Music. We were drawn to the color at first; then the sound knocked us out. I have not played guitar in many years but this instrument is so easy to play and the sound cannot be beat. I love this guitar and I will not buy any other brand guitar EVER.

-Mark Goodman (STS100TBL)

One word–phenomenal. I am a 54 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and praise and worship leader. I have had acoustic guitars from 13 years old to present and have owned most of the major brands. This guitar is the best I have ever owned.The look, feel, sound and craftmanship of this instrument is outstanding. This guitar has inspired me. Her nickname is Maggie Mae and she plays and sounds like a dream. The price was mind-blowing for such a fine instrument. I believe this guitar and other Teton guitars are a good investment. This new company will surely grow to top end status, like Martin, Taylor and others that have accomplished a top end status. Teton will be a collector item and worth a high dollar amount in the future as long as they keep up the craftmanship and fine detail of a fine quality instrument. My guitar is simply magnificent. Thank you and God bless your company.

-Jackie W. Taylor (STG105CENT)

Nice wooden box. It has a nice woody tone, especially with the John Pearse folk Thomastik Infeld strings. I always wanted a José Ramírez Traditional C650 guitar. Now I have one that still had the glue drying when it came to my front door. What a treat to have in my hands. I am truly blessed.

-penda man (STC155CENT)


-Dennis Franklin (STS150CENT-AR-12)

I loved the Range when I played it in the shop. I bought it as a travel guitar so I normally play my full-size, which left the Range on the stand most of the time. When I did pick it up, I really did not like the sound. What went wrong? It sounded very bright and not as mellow as it had. So, a string change to Elixir phospher-bronze. Big mistake. The bass became so loud and harsh and was overriding the tremble. I hated it. So, another change – to Martin Acoustic bronze. Now, things are a bit more mellow and more even between the bass and treble. So, two things I have learned. The Range is a loud guitar for its size and has a tendency toward an overwhelming bass. Therefore, the key is to experiment with various strings and go easy on the bass strings or you will blow out the treble. I am sure this little guitar will become a favorite of mine over the years when I get the best combo of strings and playing technique. Overall, quality of the instrument is superb. I would have given five but I am not 100 percent sure of the sound yet.

-Frederick Johnsen (STR155NT)