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I love my guitar. When I went to Guitars & More here in Salt Lake City, I was looking for a guitar with the right sound and the right feel. I tried several guitars and when I tried yours I was in heaven. The sound is amazing! It was a different model but the sound and how it felt made me choose your brand.
There’s only one thing that could be listed as a problem. I’m not sure if it’s something that can be fixed or if you are the right person to talk to, but the battery compartment vibrates when I’m playing and if I’m playing plugged it can be heard loudly.

-Lospereyra ( STC155CENT ) on Jul 11, 2017

I am lucky enough to have #44. The sound is phenomenal. My local music store (Canby Music) got their Teton 5th Anniversary Guitar and he was showing it off. I checked around our area and found mine at CHW Guitars. As soon as I played it, I knew I had to have it. I’ve played several thousand dollar big name guitars and this Teton blows them away. My advice to anyone who can find one–BUY IT!!
Well done, Teton, well done.

-Tom Faber ( STS203NT ) on Feb 08, 2017

Visited LaGrande Stereo, LaGrande Oregon. The STS130FMNT caught my eyes when Mike showed me the guitar. One word – beautiful! Great sound. Fit and finish also great. Well done. By the way, I bought it.

-Preach ( STS130FMNT ) on Aug 26, 2017

I have been doing acoustic stuff for many years. I’ve played an awful lot of guitars, from 60’s Gibsons to 70’s Martins and this baby holds its own against anything I have played, which is huge! I am a fan now and I am happy to own one!!!!

-Ron HeXe ( STS105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I currently have 15 guitars in my stable. They range from a 1930’s regal to a couple of high end classicals. I have been playing the guitar for more than 50 years.
I must admit I had never heard of the Teton brand before and my instrument supplier told me I should pick this instrument up and listen to it. I was so surprised at its sound even tone and, in general, how easy it plays. I have had, made for me, custom guitars over the years. This Teton guitar is right up there with the tone, fit and finish as some of those instruments.
Congratulations on a guitar that almost anyone can afford, with voice and playability of a much more expensive guitar.

-Don Casillas ( STS100HS ) on Nov 08, 2017

I purchased this guitar in March in St George, Utah. The Music Works turned me on to Teton Guitars. I have been playing this guitar at gigs and home since I purchased it. The guitar was set up very well and is very nice to play. Great sound and action. I play acoustic folk music and it is perfect for that genre. The sound is mellow as you might expect with a mahogany guitar. It does play very well. I added a Fishman humbucking soundhole pickup for now but might try something more substantial as this passive pickup does need a preamp to deliver.
I really enjoy playing this guitar and my other instruments are getting jealous. It is a great value and the fact it is a custom edition just makes it more so.
I live in Iowa so, for now, it is the only Teton in the area.
My friend who owns a guitar store was very impressed with the quality of the instrument.
I would highly recommend this guitar. I would definitely give it 5 stars.

-Jack Hackett ( STS203NT ) on May 26, 2017

Simply the finest acoustic guitar in its price range you will find anywhere! Amazing quality, superb tone, highly playable, great electronics! I’ve owned one of everything; for the money, you won’t find a better instrument! I highly recommend you buy a Teton!

-Enoxh ( STG105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

Awesome, well-built. Warm sounding when finger-picked. Bright sound when strumming. Action incredible out of the box. Instrument can fill a whole room. Electronics a bonus.

-Mike ( STG170ENT ) on Dec 04, 2017

My girlfriend got me my Teton for Christmas…a “guitar snob” friend of mine even had to admit it sounds as good as his Martin! Great instrument..lovin’ it!

-Don Sauer ( STS100NT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I’ve been on the prowl for an acoustic bass for a while and had narrowed my search to one specific big-name brand and model. I hadn’t pulled the trigger when I chanced upon this Teton model hanging in a local shop. How lucky – I spent less than 1/3 the cost of the bass I had been planning on purchasing, without sacrificing one iota in workmanship, playability, tone, and aesthetics. I can’t say enough good things about this bass – GREAT tone, PERFECT set-up out the door, GORGEOUS woods, and INCREDIBLE, THUNDEROUS low-end when amplified. This is my first Teton. I doubt it will be my last. Well done. Extremely well done…

-Michael G ( STB130FMCENT ) on Nov 28, 2016