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This is my favorite go-to guitar these days. It’s always at arm’s reach. The tone is warm, the instrument is responsive, and the volume is quite impressive. The intonation is also very good and the craftsmanship for an instrument in this price range is just incredible. I have several high-end guitars, but I keep coming back to this one for my day-to-day instrument.

-Andrew Shepard-Smith (STC105NT)

It’s an unfortunate stereotype these days that the highest quality guitars are the ones that cost you the most. Teton shatters this mold by producing solid top instruments that honestly sound better than any other guitar at double or even triple its meager $600 price tag.

I’ve played Martins, Taylors, Gibsons… all of the supposed top brands in acoustics. In all cases, they either played terribly or sounded tinny and weak. This isn’t the case with my Teton. Even without using the very discreet electronics, this thing really fills the room. The resonance is outstanding and the neck is fast and easy to use for those quick bluegrass licks.

You don’t have to use up your life savings for a quality acoustic electric that will last you a lifetime. You just need to know where to look for a Teton.

-Bryce Wiseman (STA150CENT)

I bought this one for a young friend who couldn’t afford a guitar and wanted a good guitar for her to learn on. A guitar she wouldn’t have to wrestle with, but had good action, good tone, good intonation and fairly easy to learn on. If it isn’t fairly easy to play, how is she going to learn on it? She was happy of course, but I wanted her to be given 1/2 a chance to be able to learn. She is a musician-minded girl. Plays clarinet, learning to play sax and already finding time to learn guitar and is an A+ student. I am also an ex-clarinet player and guitar player for years. While I had some time to play this guitar, I did shave down the bridge, bone thingy and that did help the action. I love the strings they come with too. D’Addarrio. The tone on this guitar is really good.

-Everett Bonds (STS150NT)

This guitar has a great depth of sound. I like a guitar that rattles my belly when I hit the low notes and this one sounds good when using Drop D or DADGAD tunings. Very open sound, with clear highs. I haven’t plugged it in so I can’t say what the electronics sound like but, as for micing, it rocks. I usually mic it in the studio with a Neumann TLM 103 or the AKG C1000 and it sounds great on the recordings. Cutting through the mix, or as a background part, it is easy to place the guitar in the mix and the price is incredible. Oops, did I say it has a good price? YEP! It does.

-Stephen Jylz Kircher (STS105CENT)

I recently purchased a Teton STS100CENT 12 string guitar from Welch Music Center in Meridian, Idaho. Years ago I owned a 12 string Yamaha and sold it to purchase a Taylor 810, which I still play. However, the longing for another 12 string guitar drew me to the store to play the Teton and I was hooked. The sound is rich and full and the body is beautifully designed. Many times I pick up the Teton before the Taylor. I am reminiscing about when I used to play a 12 string in a band years ago. I am enjoying the feel of the guitar and the quality of the music that comes from the instrument.

-Donald Glaze (STS100CENT-12)

I LOVE this guitar! I love the playability and tone from this. It had proper fret dressing, no jagged edges, and has an awesome sound unplugged and plugged in. I looked at the Taylor GS Mini (I had owned one previously) and this one blew it out of the water in tone and playability.

-Neil (STG170ENT)

My girlfriend got me my Teton for Christmas…a “guitar snob” friend of mine even had to admit it sounds as good as his Martin! Great instrument..lovin’ it!

-Don Sauer (STS100NT)

I was amazingly impressed with this guitar! Me and my buddy went into a small music store to pick up some new equipment and walked out with this. Me and my buddy honestly both thought it sounded better than our Martins. I have a mini and he has a performance. It feels great, looks great, and was made in the US. I recommend this guitar and company to anyone who performs or just likes to jam.

-Alex (STS150ENT)

I purchased this fine instrument at Tom’s Guitars in Medford, Oregon, after searching and playing several other guitars in the area. After playing the STS205CENT for fifteen minutes, it was clear to me that it had the tone and playability that I had been looking for. As a player for plus forty years, I can say without a doubt that this guitar has the highs, lows and mid range that far exceed any other brand within the price range. Thank you Teton.

-Gary Claughton (STS205CENT)

I really love the tone and finish of this guitar. I’m 53 and have been playing since I was 8 years old. Over the years I have owned a lot of nice guitars. This one is one of my favorites. The only reason I gave this guitar 4 stars instead of 5 was the action on it when I received it was a lot higher than I like. This was an easy fix. It came with a different nut and saddle; once I changed them out, definitely a five star guitar. The price was incredible for such a quality guitar! Thanks, Teton.

-Kevin R Batcher (STS170NT)