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My wife bought me this guitar for Father’s Day. While walking around town, we stopped at the local music store, La Grande Sound and Music. We were drawn to the color at first; then the sound knocked us out. I have not played guitar in many years but this instrument is so easy to play and the sound cannot be beat. I love this guitar and I will not buy any other brand guitar EVER.

-Mark Goodman ( STS100TBL ) on Nov 28, 2016

Value is the first word that comes to mind when reviewing this guitar. I can no longer find this particular model on the Teton website so I assume it has been discontinued. It features a solid cedar top with solid rosewood back and sides (current models use mahogany). I believe the binding may be walnut or a combination of woods–in any case, gorgeous. It contains the Fishman PRESYS+ electronics and its sound is great–really solid all around, with no tinny stuff to be found. I have been amazed at the guitar I got for the money. To top it all off, the cedar smell when opening the case is to die for. I have to believe this was discontinued because they couldn’t afford to continue making this instrument at anywhere near the price they charged. Thank you, Teton.

-Dave Warren ( STS155CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

Awesome construction. Of all the ukes I own, I am most pleased with this purchase. It is QUIET…and I can practice without disturbing anyone. It also has a head phone jack so I can listen to myself play. The MP3 port lets me listen/play with music put into the port. Love the strap buttons. Free gig case. Fantastic!

-Richard Kimball ( STEU102 ) on Nov 28, 2016

Love the feel, the playability. The volume knob is in a bad spot; keep hitting it when I strum. Overall, it’s a good instrument. Electronics has some pops and dead spots. Definitely not QC before it left the factory. Wood chips and rough edges around the headphone, mp3 jacks. 1/4 plug makes weird noises. You have to find the “spot.”

-Doug Murray ( STEU102 ) on Feb 07, 2017

These electric ukuleles are so easy to play, versatile and a great deal to boot. Had to get two, one for High G and one for Low G.

-Ken ( STEU102 ) on Aug 23, 2017

Picked mine up at Mike’s Music in Cannon Beach, OR. I’ve played guitar for a little over a decade now. Played many, many acoustics from many, many brands and at various price points ranging from about 100 up into the thousands and have to say that, without a doubt, this is the best sounding acoustic I have ever personally played. It rings out beautifully. Love it. Keep up the great work, Teton.

-Shane ( STS203NT ) on Jul 20, 2017

For the price, this guitar is absolutely amazing. Beautiful warm tones, powerful volume, plays smoothly. Easily comparable to guitars that are twice the money. The craftsmanship and colors, quality of wood are first class. Full rich warm sound and great full bass notes. Very playable. If guitars had a personality, I would say this is a very self confident guitar, and rightly so.

-Ryan Nelson ( STC105NT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I have been doing acoustic stuff for many years. I’ve played an awful lot of guitars, from 60’s Gibsons to 70’s Martins and this baby holds its own against anything I have played, which is huge! I am a fan now and I am happy to own one!!!!

-Ron HeXe ( STS105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I purchased this guitar in March in St George, Utah. The Music Works turned me on to Teton Guitars. I have been playing this guitar at gigs and home since I purchased it. The guitar was set up very well and is very nice to play. Great sound and action. I play acoustic folk music and it is perfect for that genre. The sound is mellow as you might expect with a mahogany guitar. It does play very well. I added a Fishman humbucking soundhole pickup for now but might try something more substantial as this passive pickup does need a preamp to deliver.
I really enjoy playing this guitar and my other instruments are getting jealous. It is a great value and the fact it is a custom edition just makes it more so.
I live in Iowa so, for now, it is the only Teton in the area.
My friend who owns a guitar store was very impressed with the quality of the instrument.
I would highly recommend this guitar. I would definitely give it 5 stars.

-Jack Hackett ( STS203NT ) on May 26, 2017

An absolutely beautiful instrument. Set up nicely and in tune right out of the box. Exquisitely made and finished well. I couldn’t be happier….

-Kim Critchfield ( STEU102 ) on Feb 15, 2017