Range Guitars Are Coming

The latest edition to the Teton Guitars lineup is a fun ¾-sized mini jumbo. We call it the Range. The Teton Range is available in either a solid spruce or cedar top. The solid spruce top comes with mahogany back and sides and the solid cedar top comes with rosewood back and sides. The Range was designed to be a ¾-sized travel guitar that sounds as close to a full-size Teton as we could design. The mini jumbo body and arched back helps produce amazing amounts of tone and volume in a smaller sized guitar.

Not only is the Teton Range an excellent travel guitar for Teton fans wanting to take their guitars on the road with them, but it is an excellent option for young guitar students who are not quite ready for a full-sized guitar. Most beginner guitar blogs will tell you that the easier an instrument is to play and make sound good the more a new guitar player will practice. Although the Range was not designed to be a beginner guitar, we have already heard from guitar teachers that they are excited for their younger students to try the range guitar.

The Teton Range will be in Stores this July. Make sure to check with your favorite Teton Dealer to make sure they have some on order.