markiosideimageA Pirate and the Lost Tone

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s the time of year when we stock up on candy and dress up as anyone or anything we want. In good spirit, we decided to film a fun special episode of Teton TV that you can watch here. To start things off, Jeremy finds an old book lying around called “Markio and the Mystery of the Lost Tone”. Upon reading this book, Jeremy inadvertently summons Markio who has now become part of the team. Let’s find out what Markio is all about!

Who are you? What are you? Where are you from?

My full name is Markio Ayot’nom Ogini but you can call me Markio. I hail from a land far, far away and from a time that is ageless. I am a pirate of life, sailing the seas of time searching for amazing adventures. You may think that I am a spirit or ghost but you would be wrong. I represent the thirst, hunger, and passion inside everyone but, more importantly, I’m just a pirate from a faraway land.

What’s the story behind your story, “Markio and the Mystery of the Lost Tone”?

Ahhhh…this one takes me back to when I was a small boy. The first time I heard the sound of a guitar, it was like an angel was singing to me. My mother and father both played guitar and they would both play as I was falling asleep. I ended up learning from my mother as my father left on a voyage and never returned. We never found out what happened to him. As you would guess, life was never the same but my mother and I carried on the best we could.  Anyway…life set me out on a journey of my own. I sailed here and there and everywhere between the here and the there. After a few hundred years, I began to long for the tone that I had grown up with…that I could hear in my heart and soul. Thus began my journey for what I called the “lost tone”.

There are plenty of guitars out there. Why have you had difficulty finding the “lost tone”?

Music is truly the language of the soul. To capture that essence, you need an instrument worthy enough. These other guitars you speak of are not worthy. Some of them are expensive enough that you would expect the voice of God to speak out but instead you get Kermit the Frog. The weight and balance are off and the soundhole smells like a troll fart! Egh! This, my friend, is why my search has taken so long and suffered so many disappointments.

Then you discovered Teton Guitars. Do you think you’ve found the lost tone?

Mio Dio! (My God!) I have! I have! These guitars instantly brought me back to my childhood. The warmth, openness, and comfortable feel transported me to a world of infinite possibilities and awesome riffs. Teton Guitars are the real deal! They feel like they were built with passion, love, and pride–qualities that every guitar and guitarist should have.

Do you really have a pirate ship?

Of course! What pirate doesn’t have a ship. Well…except for Jack Sparrow. Everyone knows he’s a pretender. The Black Pearl! Come on…that ship should have sunk years ago but they keep using dead crew members to plug the holes.  He got the eyeliner idea from me–in fact, he stole my Revlon ColorStay…ah…um…I mean, yes! Yes, I have a ship!

If you don’t mind us asking, how old are you exactly?

Old enough to understand the true meaning of “ageless”.  You read my book, didn’t you? It’s old…really old. There’s been many versions and the one that Jeremy read was written by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1363. Geoffrey was a young punk kid at the time who was writing about something called “The Canterbury Tales”–whatever that is. Anyway, I recited my tales, making sure to underscore how my stories were better structured, had better ebb and flow, and had deeper character development than his. But guess who’s stories are being read in literature classes? His!!! Che fregatura! (What a rip-off!) My stories are far better and deserve to be recognized around the globe.

Have you thought about returning home?

Yes, from time to time. However, I know that the moment I return my mother will say “Oh Markio…you’re back. Now you should really think about settling down and getting married”. Agh! Mariko has no time for marriage! Endless adventures await!

What plans do you have now? What comes next for you?

I think I’ll hang around for a while. I’m enjoying myself far too much playing your guitars and experiencing this world. I hear that near the Caribbean Sea there are mermaid-like guitars that have unspeakable tones and powers. They are supposedly jaw-droppingly beautiful and and their voices so enticing that mere mortals will do anything to hear their sound. These most certainly must be Teton Guitars…some sort of “Mer-ton” perhaps? I must find them and hear their songs for myself!

Wait!? What!? Where did you hear this?

Oh, come on…you’re telling me you have no idea what’s out there. You make the best guitars in the world and you don’t “know” about the mystical guitar beings in the Caribbean? You’re obviously pulling my pirate chain. You guys have more secrets than I do…well…not really… but you know what I mean.

Well, folks, there you have it! Thanks for hanging out with us and we’ll catch you next time! Stay awesome and keep playing!


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