bradyparkssideimageBrady Parks of The National Parks recently answered questions submitted by some of our Teton team. Not only is this band one of my favorites to listen to, they are just some of the most down-to-earth people out there in the biz. Brady has visited Teton Basecamp twice; you can watch his performances here and learn more about him here.

Teton: What is your favorite song to perform live?

Brady: I think my favorite song to play lately has been “Glow.” It comes toward the end of the set and it always leads to a lot of jumping and dancing. It’s always fun to see the crowd respond to it when we play it.

T: Do you have any insights you can share about the new album you’re working on?

B: We are always working on new music; unfortunately, I can’t give away a lot of info about this one right now.

T: Do you like Mexican food? If so, which dish is your favorite?

B: I love it. So much. I’ve been on a street taco kick lately and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

T: As We Ran is arguably one of your more popular songs; what was the inspiration behind it?

B: A while ago we were contacted by a documentary film series called “National Park Experience.” They told us they were making a film with an amazing story about a couple who got married in the Tetons. They asked us to write a song for the film and that’s when “As We Ran” was born. It was inspired by their story and some of my own inspirations and experiences as well.

T: Do all of you in TNP have a hand in writing songs or is it a solo effort?

B: The writing process starts with me and ends with all of us. I do most of the actual writing of the song with the lyrics and melody and, once that is done, I take it to the band where everyone writes their own parts for the song. It always grows to something much bigger than I imagined at the start of the process.

T: What is your process for planning another album that will top the success of your last album?

B: We’ve been so lucky with the success that we’ve had with the last album we released. We were blown away by the response to that; so writing and planning a new album is both exciting and intimidating. We are wanting to continue to grow as a band and grow musically so we are writing music that challenges us to think bigger. Mostly, we are just writing the music we are wanting to make and the music that we think will reach our audience in a big way. You’ll have to let us know what you think when the new music comes!

T: What instrument do you use to pluck out the beginnings of a new song in your mind?

B: Mostly guitar or piano.

T: When the Brady Parks action doll is produced, would you rather be portrayed as a singer (microphone in hand) or a guitarist (guitar in hand)? And when you pull the string, what do you imagine it would say?

B: I think either would be great, as long as it’s a bobble head. Does that count as an action doll? Maybe I would say something like: “Originals for life!”

T: Do you write with a capo to complement your vocal range?

B: Yes, definitely!

T: Describe your musical education/journey.

B: I started playing guitar when I was about 13 years old when my Mom brought me home a guitar from a garage sale. I started teaching myself and started writing songs. I developed a passion for playing and writing. When I moved to Utah for college, I started playing at open mic nights at Velour Live Music Gallery. That’s where it all started for me. I was encouraged by the owner, Corey Fox, to form a band and that’s when I met Sydney. We started playing together and then we met Megan, Doug and John through the music scene and the rest was history.

T: What is something you are bad at?

B: Soloing on the guitar… just ask John. He always laughs at me when I try.

T: Do you believe in Bigfoot?

B: Of course! My Grandpa saw him once. Seriously, it’s true.

T: Up to this point, what’s been your favorite venue to perform in and why?

B: It’s so hard to pick a favorite venue but I think nothing can compare to our home base venue, Velour Live Music Gallery, in Provo. Magic always happens there.

T: Of all the places you traveled this summer, which city was your favorite?

B: Again, difficult to pick a favorite. We have played shows in so many cool and memorable cities, but I always love exploring the East Coast cities like New York and DC. They are always so inspiring to me. I also fell in love with Seattle this past summer. That city is awesome.

T: The lyrics in TNP songs really resonate with so many people and you can feel that when seeing you perform live. Where does that inspiration come from?

B: Usually the inspiration comes from personal experience and the world around me. I find myself being inspired by relationships, people and just life in general.

T: How do you consistently bring so much energy to each and every performance?

B: Performing is one of my favorite things in this world. Stepping onto a stage and seeing a room full of smiling faces is something that will never get old. I truly believe that we have the best fans in the world and it makes it easy to feed off their energy. We have a goal to make every show our best and do it all for the fans, to give them an experience that will uplift them and make them feel like they are a part of something.

We are so grateful to have Brady be a supporter of Teton Guitars and it’s always such fun when he swings by to visit. Go show him your support and listen to ALL their songs.

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— Jenn

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