SteveBroskySideImageSteve Brosky is a talented musician from Pennsylvania. Check out his bio for more information and where to hear him next.


With all the guitars you have played, what makes Teton special to you?

There is a certain tone that I like!


How often do you gig with your Teton?

3 to 5 nights a week.


What part of the Teton sound inspires you?

It’s well made and that’s what you hear.


Who are your biggest music influences?

Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and John Lennon.


Where is your favorite place to write new songs?



You recently wrote a musical. How is that different than just working on an album?

It turns out that a lot of my songs have been telling my story, so I get to act it out and sing it out.


How did you first hear about Teton?

John Slog at Guitar Villa, Bethlehem PA


If you could jam with any musician living or dead, who would it be and why?

John Lennon, Tom Waits and Keith Richards, with Charles Bukowski hanging out.


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