MikeSideImageToday we get to learn more about the ever so talented Mike Christiansen. Mike has played many guitars over the years and we’re so lucky to have him on our Artist Roster. To learn even more about Mike, visit his Artist Bio. If you’re lucky, you may even catch him playing in his home town of Logan, UT.
When did you first learn to play guitar? When I was around 7 (many, many years ago).

How long have you been teaching guitar at the college level? 40 Years. I founded the guitar program at Utah State University.

How many cities/states/countries have you traveled to because of your

music? Every state and countless cities. Mostly the US and Canada.

What’s the most important thing for new guitar players to remember? Enjoy the music. Be yourself. Music is not a competition. There will always be players that play better or worse than you. Be happy with who you are and what you have to contribute musically.

Who are your musical influences? Too many to list and they are not all guitarists.

Do you have a favorite band/artist or genre you’re really drawn to? Not really. I’m always asked what my favorite music is to play and I jokingly respond, my favorite music is the favorite music of the person writing me the check. I actually find great pleasure in playing almost every style. It seems all of them can be done well or poorly.

What’s your favorite thing about the Teton guitars? I love the tone and playability. For the price, they are impossible to beat. I carried one with me on over 100 flights recently and it weathered the rigors of the road amazingly well. They are very dependable, not needing to be tweaked with every little change in climate. I’m constantly being complimented on my sound and, while I hope a portion of the sound comes from my hands, I can’t get the sound I want without a quality instrument. Teton guitars make it so I can focus on the music. I don’t have to struggle to get the sound I want–it’s there waiting for me.
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