The 130 Flame Maple, Purple Heart in Grand Concert size features awe-striking purple heart binding, a purple heart rosette, and matching headstock inlay against bright blonde flame maple for a look that will pop on any stage. Purple is not a color you’ll come across often on a guitar, and purple heart is something rare to guitars because of the wood’s strength. The wood is hardy and can withstand the elements, making it tough for many guitar builders to work with. The skilled team in our factory has worked hard to produce this one-of-a-kind guitar that will inspire players, stand out on stage, and stand up against the test of time.

Front of Purple Heart Guitar
back of Purple Heart Guitar


  • Mahogany Neck
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Headstock
  • Grand Concert¬† Size Body
  • Flame Maple Headstock Cap
  • Flame Maple Back and Sides
  • Purple Heart Binding
  • Abalone Dot Bridge Pins
  • Chrome Tuning Machines
  • Purple Heart Headstock Inlay
  • Purple Heart/Abalone Rosette


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Each guitar is built for the independent musician, this is evident in the Exotic Series. The unique tonewoods, sizes, and shapes enlisted are available for artists to grow a deeper connection with their instrument. These guitars are built to be played, recorded, written with, and jammed on. These special designs encourage artists to keep playing and expand their creative output.


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Check out one of our Teton Rangers, Kim.

Kim Campbell is a fierce dedicated player, when she performs she strums and sings with her full heart. Her energy fills a room immediately and it’s impossible not to dance, head bang, or sing-along with her music. While taking her music seriously, she’s the first to admit that she likes goof around. Often creating mash-ups of songs you’d never think would go together, her fun personality seems to make the songs flow seamlessly together in lyric and sound. Not only did we want her testing this guitar because of her purple hair, but her purple attitude; Kim is always her self and never trying to be anyone else, she knows who she is and owns it.