Ukulele Hardshell Case


Hawaiian hibiscus doesn’t bloom in the arid Teton Mountain Range, but the ‘ohana means family’ spirit brings this Teton ukulele case into the fold. The stylized hibiscus flower design is featured on our textured brown tolex ukulele hardshell case with antiqued brass hardware. The rugged construction paired with a reinforced, locking latch and key keeps your investment safe and sound from bumps, scratches, and prying fingers. A heavy-duty matching handle balances the case for easy carrying.

The plush green interior, reminiscent of a lush Hawaiian landscape cradling your ukulele, features 1/2” padding and neck support that doubles as an accessory compartment. The Teton ukulele case comes in Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes.

Note: Interior measurements shown on SPECS table are with padding uncompressed. Most ukuleles of matching size will fit comfortably. Slightly larger ukuleles can fit snug into the 1/2” padding all the way around the interior.


—2 hinges, 2 latches
—Exterior length: 22 7/8”
—Interior length: 21 3/8”
—Interior lower bout: 7 1/8”
—Interior upper bout: 5 5/8”
—3.00 lbs.
—2 hinges, 2 latches
—Exterior length: 25 3/8”
—Interior length: 24”
—Interior lower bout: 8 1/4”
—Interior upper bout: 6 1/8”
—3.85 lbs.
—2 hinges, 3 latches
—Exterior length: 29”
—Interior length: 27 1/2”
—Interior lower bout: 9”
—Interior upper bout: 7”
—4.50 lbs.
—2 hinges, 3 latches
—Exterior length: 32 1/4”
—Interior length: 30 3/4”
—Interior lower bout: 10 1/2”
—Interior upper bout: 7 3/4”
—5.05 lbs.
MSRP: $79.00 – $99.00
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