Teton Guitars STS105NT-OLD

Special Features

Back & Sides:


  • Acoustic Guitar – 2019 Model

  • Grand Concert


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Grand Concert
Top Wood (solid):
Back & Sides:
Top Finish:
Open Pore




What an awesome guitar! When searching for a guitar while I was traveling at a lower price point. I found one that I liked and played it for about 5 months. My wife decided she wanted a guitar so I went looking again. The salesman showed me the STS 105 NT and I played it and immediately fell in love with it. It made the other guitar I bought almost unplayable cuz it sounded so flat/dead next to this Teton. My wife got the guitar in our divorce, of course, and I was looking to buy the same guitar only found that it’s discontinued. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a used one or a good replacement for it

-Todd Ozdych

I first got the desire to play guitar back in high school. I lived in a VERY small town outside of Jackson Hole, WY, near the Grand Teton mountain range. I traveled down to Salt Lake City to go to a music store and purchase my first guitar. I bought a little cheapy one to start off with. About a year later, I went back to that SLC music store and traded in for my STS105NT. The guy at the store said it was his favorite out of ALL the guitars they had, so I trusted him and got it. 8 years later, I am still playing this guitar and everyone who hears it/picks it up/plays it says that it is the most beautiful, rich sounding guitar they’ve ever heard. I’ve been begged to sell it, but I never will. This guitar really is something else. I will never stop bragging about it or hiding its beauty. I’m currently in the market for a guitar with a pickup, but I know nothing will compare to my STS105NT.


As I was in the music store waiting for them to special order my first guitar, a Teton STA150CENT-AR, because they didn’t carry one in the store, I picked up a STS105NT to pick around on. WOW! When I was told I would know the guitar I had to have when I played it and heard it, I had no idea what that really meant…this guitar sang to me! I wasn’t even sure how playing the guitar would pan out for me at the time and was in the middle of the purchase of a more upscale model but I knew I had to have this guitar! So, I now own 2 Tetons! That was 9 months ago and I believe that having this guitar (and the Auditorium) have helped to keep me inspired to learn and play guitar. The sound of the STS105NT is different than my STA150CENT-AR and very intimate and warm by comparison. I have played it while camping twice and have actually put more time on this guitar. The sound is incredible and I usually practice longer than intended when I’m playing this guitar. I do love both and hats off to Teton for their guitars!

-Jeremy Casner

This is my first guitar and it is awesome! I just finished Basic Guitar in high school and am now taking lessons from a member of “Bald Mountain Rounders” band. Tonight is open mic at a local coffee house and I’m going to play. The guitar has a beautiful sound and so wonderful to play.

-Seth O’Rourke