Teton Guitars STS105NT-12 Dreadnought - 12 String

Special Features

Top Wood:
Solid Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:
Layered Mahogany
Body Shape:
Dreadnought – 12 String
Soundhole Rosette:
Splintered Mahogany


  • Acoustic Guitar – 2019 Model

  • Dreadnought


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Top Wood (solid):
Solid Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:
Layered Mahogany
Top Finish:
Soundhole Rosette:
Splintered Mahogany


Fingerboard Material:
Indian Laurel Wood
Fretboard Inlay:
Maple Dot
Neck Material:
Nut Width:
Headstock Cap:
# of Frets:
Fret Size:


Upper Bout Width:
11 1/2″
Body Length:
Overall Length:
42 3/4″


$625 (USD)

I’d been in the market for quite awhile for a 12 string in the sub 1000.00 range.
I really wanted a vintage Guild,but had a hard time swallowing the prices, possible condition of something i had’nt touched.
I had seen the Teton guitars, but thought i wanted a big name. Who are these Teton folks anyway?
I also happen to be fortunate enough to live,ski,fish in the Tetons.
Brock who owns our local guitar shop pulled the sts105nt-12 down from the wall, & began to play……Gulp!
Like my first crush, i had nuthin but big ol hearts dancin in my eyes. Still do.
The sound is like magic. 5 Stars!!!

-Johnny Lawson

I had two guitars before my Teton. A bad starter electric guitar (Ibanez Gio) and an OK acoustic guitar (Fender Sonoran). I was 13 for the electric and 14 for the acoustic. I had both of these guitars and played them semi-frequently for a few years. I was then in the market for 12-string when I was 17, as I was starting to get more serious about playing music. I found a decent Fender 12-string at a chain guitar shop for $199 that I was seriously considering buying at the time. That is until Chad at our local shop, Guitar Stop (which is where I had gotten my Fender Sonoran a few years before), had me play the Teton 12-string. Within minutes I had dropped every single thought of purchasing a Fender acoustic again. I ended up buying my STS105NT-12 after a few weeks of saving up and this company has changed my entire musical life since then. Nowhere else could I POSSIBLY find a guitar with such tone and personality for anywhere even close to the price of a Teton. It is almost the entire reason I take music as seriously as I do now, because being a teenager with little money does not constitute having a nice guitar. Within months, I ended up selling my Fender, Ibanez, and Fender amp all to buy more Teton guitars. I currently have the STS105NT-12, STS105NT, and TC003. The only other guitar I own is a Limited Edition TV Yellow Faded Gibson Les Paul (also from Guitar Stop). All of these guitars stand toe-to-toe with one another. I could not ask for a better guitar company than Teton. They have shown great customer service and respect for me as a customer over the last few years and I look forward to much more business with them in the near and distant future. I recommend anyone looking for an affordable guitar that can stand up to the best from big, name brand companies stop in to a local dealer and try out a Teton.

-Joshua Jemison