Teton Guitars STR155NT-OLD Range

Special Features

Top Wood:
Solid Sitka Spruce
Body Shape:


  • Acoustic Guitar – 2019 Model

  • Range


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Top Wood (solid):
Solid Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides:




I loved the Range when I played it in the shop. I bought it as a travel guitar so I normally play my full-size, which left the Range on the stand most of the time. When I did pick it up, I really did not like the sound. What went wrong? It sounded very bright and not as mellow as it had. So, a string change to Elixir phospher-bronze. Big mistake. The bass became so loud and harsh and was overriding the tremble. I hated it. So, another change – to Martin Acoustic bronze. Now, things are a bit more mellow and more even between the bass and treble. So, two things I have learned. The Range is a loud guitar for its size and has a tendency toward an overwhelming bass. Therefore, the key is to experiment with various strings and go easy on the bass strings or you will blow out the treble. I am sure this little guitar will become a favorite of mine over the years when I get the best combo of strings and playing technique. Overall, quality of the instrument is superb. I would have given five but I am not 100 percent sure of the sound yet.

-Frederick Johnsen