Teton Guitars STJ105NT-OLD

Special Features

Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple


  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Jumbo


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Top Wood (solid):
Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:
Mahogany Laminate


Neck Material:
Neck Finish:
Neck Joint:
Fretboard Inlay:
Pearl Dot
# of Frets:
Fret Size:
Nut Width:
42mm/1 11/16″


Upper Bout Width:
311mm/12 1/4″
Lower Bout Width:
410mm/16 1/8″
Body Depth – Upper Bout:
108mm/4 1/4″
Body Depth – Lower Bout:
117mm/4 5/8″
Body Length:
511mm/20 1/8″
Scale Length:
Overall Length:
1054mm/41 1/2″


Maple and Rosewood
Body Finish:
Nut, Saddle:
Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple
Bridge Pin:
White w/ Black Dot
Hardware Color:
D’Addario EXP16 12-53
$459.00 (USD)


Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a softer wood that has great warmth. Because of the warmth of cedar, it pairs very well with the human voice and is great for singer/songwriters. Cedar naturally amplifies quieter playing styles and is a favorite of fingerpickers.



Our goal with the Teton Jumbo was to make a more modern version of a jumbo but keep the big boomy sound that is a beloved characteristic of that body shape. We realized that most people don't like playing on a traditional jumbo. They are too big to be comfortable. Therefore, we started with this in mind. We made every dimension of the body smaller and made the waist even more pronounced, thus allowing the guitar to sit more naturally in a lap. However, when you shave body from a guitar you loose boominess so we had to adjust some of our bracing patterns to make up for this. We also made changes to the thickness of the top wood. These two changes provided strength for a larger surface area and increased tone and volume. The Teton jumbos really are in a class of their own.

Bought a beautiful Jumbo at Graner Music in Colorado Springs that has just become a wonderful friend. Workmanship was excellent and the setup absolutely perfect. Only flaw was a very small white cracked seal on my D string tuner. Tuner still functions well but unsure if will be problematic in the future. The sound of this guitar is amazing. A large, dynamic and lyrical quality with beautiful sustain and decay. Plays like butter. Most comfortable jumbo I’ve played. The cedar sounds warm and detailed. I had the chance to play about 5 Tetons and they were all very good guitars. I was down travelling from Canada and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at finding this great of a guitar at this price point. It holds its own with Martin, Taylor and Gibson for sound. Very pleased. Thanks to Teton for a great inspiring instrument!

-james coates

I attended the demo event here in Boise this afternoon. Although I have a bunch of nice guitars from the major brands (several currently for sale), this Jumbo was very hard to leave behind. Among others demoed, we got to hear and directly compare the cedar top/mahogany body in dreadnought, grand concert and jumbo sizes.

The dreadnought was typically bassy and boomy but in a pleasant and expected way. The grand concert tone was more articulate and focused. But the jumbo was just right — combing the focus and clarity of the GC with a nice low-end “oomph” without getting muddy or overwhelming. The jumbo sits very nicely on the lap and did not bother my injured shoulder the way a dreadnought does.

Tetons are all NICE guitars, very well made with a neck that feels and plays well, either fingerstyle or strummed. I only wish that it had been possible to buy guitars of this quality for this price when I started playing almost 40 years ago. Another guitar is the last thing I need these days, but this Jumbo may yet come home to me. It’s that good…..

-Earl M

I purchased this guitar yesterday and, so far, I have nothing but positive things to say. Aesthetically, the cedar top is very beautiful; the neck is comfortable and very smooth. The sound is incredibly crisp and loud. Tuning is easy and precise adjustments are simple to make. Because it’s new, I haven’t had a problem yet. It didn’t come with a pick guard but that’s not really a problem. Overall, beautiful guitar, great sound, fun and easy to play.

-Dakota W