Teton Guitars STG170ENT-OLD

Special Features

Back & Sides:


  • Acoustic Guitar – 2019 Model

  • Grand Concert


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Grand Concert
Top Wood (solid):
Back & Sides:
Top Finish:
Open Pore




Awesome, well-built. Warm sounding when finger-picked. Bright sound when strumming. Action incredible out of the box. Instrument can fill a whole room. Electronics a bonus.


I have been playing guitars since 1970 and I have had a couple of accoustic Martins, a DM and a cutaway, but this Teton grand concert is a fantastic musical instrument for both picking and strumming and singing. This guitar with its smooth and easy action (string to fret distance) is very easy on the chording hand, especially for an old man who still rocks. This Teton grand concert is the best guitar I have ever played.


I LOVE this guitar! I love the playability and tone from this. It had proper fret dressing, no jagged edges, and has an awesome sound unplugged and plugged in. I looked at the Taylor GS Mini (I had owned one previously) and this one blew it out of the water in tone and playability.