Teton Guitars STG105CENT Grand Concert - Cutaway Electronics

Special Features

Top Wood:
Solid Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:
Layered Mahogany
Body Shape:
Grand Concert – Cutaway Electronics
Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple
Fishman Sonitone


  • Acoustic Guitar – 2019 Model

  • Grand Concert


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Shape:
Grand Concert
Top Wood (solid):
Solid Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:
Layered Mahogany
Top Finish:
Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple


Fingerboard Material:
Indian Laurel Wood
Fretboard Inlay:
Maple Dot
Neck Material:
Nut Width:
43 mm
Headstock Cap:
# of Frets:
Fret Size:


Upper Bout Width:
11 1/4″
Body Length:
19 1/8″
Overall Length:


$612 (USD)
Fishman Sonitone
Fishman Sonicore

Needed (read wanted) to upgrade my acoustic quiver and researched heavily into many guitars. My price point wasn’t too expensive and had to keep it between $500 and 1K-ish. Visited the big box music stores and played the Taylors and Martins along with Yamaha, Gibson, etc. Of course they’re beautiful and sound great but they just didn’t move me with their sound and most of those I would have been buying used. Then I stopped in my local shop, Affordable Music in Dillon, CO. He had a rack of Tetons in his store and I sat down to noodle. I played many of the models he had there but the STG105 Cent sounded so sweet and warm, I’d never played a cedar top and the open pore finish just looked so good to me. The guitar felt great in my hands, fit me perfectly and I love the grand concert shape. The “hidden” fishman pickup controls tucked in the sound hole are awesome because the finish on the outside looks complete without the black control box on the topside. Plugged into my Fender Blues Jr. with tone nobs on neutral, I have complete control with the Fishman dials in the sound hole. Although, a little tweaking on the amp side makes for amazing tones as well. Played with a Dunlop red Jazz III pick, this guitar has the smoothest sound I could find, exactly what I was looking for. But played with a standard Fender medium pick and tones adjusted, I can also get country, blues and folk tones that sound crisp and bright. Such a versatile instrument and at a sweet price point. Thanks Teton for putting out great instruments and when the “need” arises again, I’ll be getting another Teton.

-Mike Wallace

This is such a great guitar. It sounds beautiful and is a steal at this price. The shape of the neck is really pleasant and as your hand gets nearer the nut, the shape changes slightly. It feels very natural and ergonomic while moving back down the neck. The nut is 43mm but the shape of the neck makes it much easier to reach notes on the fingerboard.

For fingerstyle, my hands are a bit too big for the combination of the nut width and the neck shape but it fits my wife just fine. My thumb sticks out a bit too much and doesn’t feel quite right when I use it to finger (thumb?) a note on the 6th string. Since my thumb sticks past the neck (past the knuckle), when I wrap my thumb around there is a gap between my thumb pad and the string, so I have to overextend to get a good sound and it is uncomfortable. I have fairly large hands though so this definitely won’t affect everyone. My other guitars have a 1.75″ (44.45mm) and 1.72″ (43.68mm) nut which feel completely “normal” to me so it’s surprising just how much the small width difference and shape of the neck on this guitar changes the feel. For styles other than fingerstyle it is much more comfortable for me. Like I said, I actually think the neck design feels really good and ergonomic, so I think this is actually a positive thing about the instrument. I bought it sight unseen so I can only blame myself for the discomfort in my playing style.

I highly recommend this guitar. It is a quality instrument and while it’s not lavish (and it’s not trying to be at this price), it feels very nice and well made. It sounds very warm and if you get a chance to play one in person don’t pass it by. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.


Was in the market for a smaller acoustic as I have always played dreadnaught and was never quite comfortable(I’m 5’6”), went to my local music store Hero Music here in El Paso TX. There were a few that caught my eye, a Martin, a Taylor GSMini, a Takamine and the Teton.
After playing around with all of them I fell in love with the 105Cent and kept coming back to it. As a fingerstyle player who doesn’t use any acrylics I was sold on how well this guitar picked up my plucking.

-Donnie Ward