102 Series

Special Features

Top Wood:
Back & Sides:
Neck Finish:


  • Solid Body

  • Centered Soundhole

Legends will one day be written about those who play the Teton® solid body ukulele. It is a fantastic little musical instrument! Sure, it has its practical purposes as well. For instance, it can be for anyone needing a travel-sized musical companion. The 1/8″ headphone output allows business professionals to practice in their hotel rooms at 2am without disturbing anyone. The addition of the MP3 input gives them the opportunity to play along to their favorite music (probably Chicago) at that early hour and have a fulfilling experience.

But the Teton ukulele is so much more than a companion for lonely business people. These eccentric instruments have been embraced by artists of every kind. From chamber orchestra directors to surfer cowboys, the Teton electric ukulele has found a home and been part of some truly amazing musical experiments. The ¼” output allows the Teton electric ukulele to be used in everyday situations—like playing it with maximum distortion in your local death metal band.

Notwithstanding the typical things that can be accomplished with a Teton solid body ukulele, it is the uniqueness and quirkiness of these instruments that inspire and allow each player’s individual artistic impressions to bubble to the top and flow over into amazingly new and profound interpretations of what music can be.

Solid body electric ukulele with an centered sound hole. Featuring 1/4″ mono out, 1/8″ stereo out, and 1/8″ auxiliary in jacks. Nylon strings and passive pick-ups under the saddle.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Body Style:
Solid Body
Top Wood
Back & Sides:


Neck Finish:


MSRP – Concert:
$299.99 (USD)
MSRP – Tenor:
$329.99 (USD)

Beyond fabulous and great sound.


An absolutely beautiful instrument. Set up nicely and in tune right out of the box. Exquisitely made and finished well. I couldn’t be happier….

-Kim Critchfield

Love the feel, the playability. The volume knob is in a bad spot; keep hitting it when I strum. Overall, it’s a good instrument. Electronics has some pops and dead spots. Definitely not QC before it left the factory. Wood chips and rough edges around the headphone, mp3 jacks. 1/4 plug makes weird noises. You have to find the “spot.”

-Doug Murray

Awesome construction. Of all the ukes I own, I am most pleased with this purchase. It is QUIET…and I can practice without disturbing anyone. It also has a head phone jack so I can listen to myself play. The MP3 port lets me listen/play with music put into the port. Love the strap buttons. Free gig case. Fantastic!

-Richard Kimball

I love my STEU102 Teton ukulele! You should buy one today. I’m a casual uke player and I only play for myself and sometimes for my wife but my Teton uke is the best. First of all, it’s beautiful and well built. As a solid body, I don’t have to worry too much about hurting it and the master builders @ Teton chose the most colorful wood. Friends are always complimenting on its rich colors.
Great workmanship but, for me, it’s all about the sound. Without plugging in I get a small sweet sound (good for practice) and when I plug in to any amp or Garageband, I can really rock. It’s great to have options. Sure, I can do the strum strum Tip Toe thru the Tulips thing but I can also do Crazy Train.
Thanks Teton for a crazy great uke.

-Andy Havington