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Here is one of the originals. The STC105NT is one of our original models that initially developed. All those years ago, when we decided what we wanted on a classical guitar, this is what we came up with and in my humble opinion all those decisions we made were all really good ideas. We thought the cedar top would be great for fingerstyle plays (it is) and that pairing it with mahogany would really warm the whole guitar up (it did) and keeping really traditional classical specifications and elements would draw classic guitar enthusiasts to it (it has). Well, now that I have discovered that I can discern the future I may have to go make some sporting bets. In the meantime, I highly recommend the STC105NT. It is a beautiful guitar that sounds amazing.



Sitka Spruce
Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is the most well-rounded tone wood and is used on more guitar tops than any other wood. This is due to the tonal qualities and sonic projection of spruce. It has a nice even tone and does not accentuate any frequency above another in an overpowering way. Spruce also has a strong attack and does not get muddy at high volumes. This makes it a very versatile wood and makes those players with soft touches sound great and people playing with other instruments cut through the mix.



The auditorium body shape is probably the newest body shape for acoustic guitars. The auditorium takes elements that players love from various other shapes and combines them into a single body. The sound will be slightly different than a dreadnought and will scoop some of the mid range but it maintains the full dreadnought sound. It has a skinnier waist, much like a grand concert. This allows the guitar to rest lower on a player's thigh when sitting down and does not put as much strain on the shoulder. It's not hard to see why auditoriums have gained popularity so quickly.



I purchased this guitar through Amazon because I had several gift cards and was looking for a good quality classical guitar to encourage me to practice more. The guitar is very well made and finished. I like the tone as well. The only problem is buzzing of the strings on the three metal wound strings. Unless my finger tip is very close to the fret, I get a slight buzz to the note. If I played a common Am chord, the D string has a slight buzz. I have sent two e-mails to Teton Guitars for possible solutions, but have heard nothing from them. Maybe this is a common problem with all classical guitars…I don’t know. If I could get that fixed, I’d easily give the guitar 5 stars.

-Paul Whitmore

This is my favorite go-to guitar these days. It’s always at arm’s reach. The tone is warm, the instrument is responsive, and the volume is quite impressive. The intonation is also very good and the craftsmanship for an instrument in this price range is just incredible. I have several high-end guitars, but I keep coming back to this one for my day-to-day instrument.

-Andrew Shepard-Smith

For the price, this guitar is absolutely amazing. Beautiful warm tones, powerful volume, plays smoothly. Easily comparable to guitars that are twice the money. The craftsmanship and colors, quality of wood are first class. Full rich warm sound and great full bass notes. Very playable. If guitars had a personality, I would say this is a very self confident guitar, and rightly so.

-Ryan Nelson