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Sitka Spruce
Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is the most well-rounded tone wood and is used on more guitar tops than any other wood. This is due to the tonal qualities and sonic projection of spruce. It has a nice even tone and does not accentuate any frequency above another in an overpowering way. Spruce also has a strong attack and does not get muddy at high volumes. This makes it a very versatile wood and makes those players with soft touches sound great and people playing with other instruments cut through the mix.



The auditorium body shape is probably the newest body shape for acoustic guitars. The auditorium takes elements that players love from various other shapes and combines them into a single body. The sound will be slightly different than a dreadnought and will scoop some of the mid range but it maintains the full dreadnought sound. It has a skinnier waist, much like a grand concert. This allows the guitar to rest lower on a player's thigh when sitting down and does not put as much strain on the shoulder. It's not hard to see why auditoriums have gained popularity so quickly.



It’s an unfortunate stereotype these days that the highest quality guitars are the ones that cost you the most. Teton shatters this mold by producing solid top instruments that honestly sound better than any other guitar at double or even triple its meager $600 price tag.

I’ve played Martins, Taylors, Gibsons… all of the supposed top brands in acoustics. In all cases, they either played terribly or sounded tinny and weak. This isn’t the case with my Teton. Even without using the very discreet electronics, this thing really fills the room. The resonance is outstanding and the neck is fast and easy to use for those quick bluegrass licks.

You don’t have to use up your life savings for a quality acoustic electric that will last you a lifetime. You just need to know where to look for a Teton.

-Bryce Wiseman