Teton Celluloid Picks


Pick up a few of our Teton celluloid picks at your local Teton shop and feel the Teton mountain karma between your fingers. This kind of inspiration is available from your dealer in an assortment of colors and thicknesses.

Find them in sky blue, winter white, pine green, and mountain shell pearloid colors as well as three standard thicknesses. Choose thin for acoustic strumming and a distinct trebly tone; medium to blend that high end chomp with the lower mid-range punch for a well rounded tone; and heavy when you want a little heavier boom.


— 0.46 mm (T) Thin
— 0.71 mm (M) Medium
— 0.96 mm (H) Heavy
— Sky Blue Pearloid
— Winter White Pearloid
— Pine Green Pearloid
— Mountain Shell Pearloid
3-Pack MSRP: $1.05
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