ParlorGuitarsSideImageWe are very excited to announce the new Parlor series. Not only is the Parlor body shape new to the Teton lineup, we have also tried some new woods just to totally mix things up.

The Teton Parlors are small body guitars with a huge sound. Part of what adds to the great tone of the Parlors is the neck and body meeting at the 12th fret. This moves the bridge further down on the lower bout of the guitar which does some really interesting things tonally. Another awesome feature on the Teton Parlors is the slotted headstock. It is hard to say if the slotted headstock does anything to the tone of the instrument. It is just a cool design and looks great with the Parlor body shape. The real secret of the Parlors is the 12th fret construction.

First up is the Teton STP103NT. This little beauty features a solid African Mahogany top with mahogany laminate back and sides.

Next, we have the STP180 which comes in two flavors—the all-natural version and a vintage burst top. Both options come with a solid Sitka Spruce top with ebony laminate back and sides.

The new Teton Parlor series will be in stores at the end of October and beginning of November.

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