The Details

An employee detailing the backs of Teton Guitars. The slippers are the real secret to the amazing Teton tone.


This is the staging area for the finish work on the guitars. It is important to minimize the amount of dust or other particles that come in contact with these guitars, that is why the room looks stark.

Raw Material

The wood used for Teton guitars goes through an extensive moisture removal process. These pieces of wood will be a guitar one day. It is a very exciting day when a piece of wood learns it will be a guitar when it grows up.

Guitar Assembly

The great thing about the factory we work with is the fact the the employees enjoy building guitars. Not only is it a job, but it is also their passion.

Raw Material 2

It is still crazy to me knowing that a block of wood will one day be an instrument that will be used to fuel creativity and change.

Neck Stack

Here are some Teton necks before they are carved into the comfortable neck profile that Teton Guitars are famous for. They are not as comfortable to play when they are in this stage of the process. #splinters

Neck Assembly

Quality and consistency are key components to making a fantastic guitar. Even minor details are important to the overall finish of the guitar.

Our acoustic factory is the same factory we have used since day one of Teton Guitars. As we have grown, they have grown. When their factory was almost completely lost in a fire, we mourned along with them and did what we could to help them rebuild. They are our friends and we are extremely happy to have such a wonderful relationship.