Our Factory

Teton instruments are proudly and carefully hand-crafted by people who are passionate about their work and the potential music that will be created.

Since its creation, Teton Guitars sought out the best team of craftsmen who shared our love for music, attention to detail, and passion for quality products. Every instrument we offer is proudly handcrafted in China by an amazing, family owned factory. Every detail including the intricate inlay work on our STS205CENT is done by hand.

The factory’s owner inspires his employees by saying, “Happy people make happy guitars”. Both the work environment and well-being of employees are held to the highest standards to ensure that everyone is taken care of. “Care for people first and then everything else will fall into place.” The owner’s family had been handcrafting guitars for decades when we first approached them, and with shared values and vision we began the partnership that established Teton Guitars.

Our design team here in Idaho Falls has a combined experience of over 100 years, not including the decades-long expertise of the family we work with in China. The quality, the sound, and the workmanship are all more than what we originally envisioned. A luthier is a luthier no matter where they are, and we are all family after years of support, visits and collaboration. Together we will continue to work hard and bring the best instruments we can to players around the world.


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