NewKidsOnTheBlockSideImageThe title of this blog has absolutely no reference to a terrible boy band from the early 90s or whenever that group graced the walls and CD players of Tweens all across the world. I want to make that clear up front. The real “New Kids on the Block” are the Teton range of Mountains. According to the Geology Fieldnotes of the National Park Service, the Teton Mountains are “the youngest mountain range in the Rocky Mountains; the Teton Range began forming between 6 and 9 million years ago.”

No wonder the Tetons are one of the most majestic mountain ranges in the world! They are the young pups having to prove themselves in a world full of unbelievable natural wonder.

We feel the same way here at Teton Guitars. In an acoustic guitar world full of Taylor, Martin and Collings guitars, to name just a few, how do we set ourselves apart and get any attention?

There are a couple of things we decided to do when we first started developing the Teton line.

1.) We chose to only work with Independent music stores that were integral parts of the musical community in their neighborhoods. These stores made Fender, Gibson, Martins and many other manufacturers the go-to guitars in their communities. Guitar Center, Amazon and other box stores have never been able to do this. They are not involved with local musicians in the same way independent stores are.

2.) We made sure to work with a factory that builds amazing guitars. One criteria for the factory was the size and output level. We wanted to have our guitars built in a smaller factory that focused on quality, not quantity. Fortunately, we were able to find that factory in the first year of development. Our partners in our Chinese factory have now become our close friends and we have a relationship that is even deeper than a business relationship. As we have grown, they have grown.

Being the new kids on the block made us do things a little differently than some of the guitar brands that have been around for decades. We had to define ourselves and make guitars that shouted, “hey, look over here!”, just like the Teton Mountains themselves. They may be the youngest of the Rocky Mountains, but that has never held them back. The Grand Teton Peak is on the list of the top five most photographed scenes in the United States. Other sites on that list include The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Old Faithful. Not a bad group to be a part of. Taylor, Martin, Teton. Yeah, I like the sound of that.