NammRecapIIsideImageDear Lorin, Kenny, Toney, Edward and Hope,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your schedules to be part of our #TetonNAMMcrew.

Most of you I’d never met in person and I’ve got to admit that I was nervous beyond belief. Talking with someone via phone, email and text is much different than face to face. The week leading up to the show, I was rehearsing conversations and possible scenarios that might arise. I wanted your first impression of me to match the image I had done my best to convey via our other communications. What a goon I am! There was never anything to worry about and I should have known better. Not only are you all incredibly talented people, you are some of the kindest, classiest, most humble bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Hope, you love dinosaurs, I love dinosaurs–I had nothing to worry about. You are unabashedly you and there’s something so infectious about that. Thank you for laughing with me when I admitted to wanting to be a Triceratops in 2nd grade.

Edward, your love and enthusiasm for Teton, people, music, your family and ukulele truly embodies the spirit of Ohana. You have a deep appreciation for what we do here and it’s exciting to see your music getting out there. Thank you for the signed CD. It’s been in frequent rotation at my house.

Toney, your dedication to your career amazes me! After driving cross country to attend the show, you flew back home for some studio work, flew back to LA, (I can only image the jet lag), discovered your van wouldn’t start….. Yet, you arrived with a smile on your face, ready to tackle the day. Listening to you jam with whoever happened to stop by was inspiring. Thank you for showing me that even when things get crazy, you choose the impact they have on you.

Kenny, your smile isn’t just for the camera–it’s on your face 24/7 and makes others smile. From the moment you stepped into the booth, your energy enveloped everyone around you. We had many great conversations about how music is a living, breathing entity and should be treated as such. Thank you for keeping me energized, focused and laughing my way through the show.

Lorin, having already met you, this one was a breeze. You are one of the hardest working, gigging, independent musicians out there. How do you play 4, 5, 6 even 7 days a week? I’m in awe of how level headed, unjaded and genuine you are after being on the road so much. Thank you for being continually classy, for bringing me coffee and rocking a style that isn’t just for show, but truly who you are.

NAMM 2016 wasn’t just about showing off our 16 new models, it was about connecting musicians with musicians. Five of our Teton Artists were in the booth throughout the show; Lorin Walker Madsen, Kenny Lee Young, Toney Rocks, Edward Hernandez and Hope Leigh. These guys are out there doing their best to make a living while doing something they’re passionate about. Teton is lucky enough to be a part of that by providing beautiful instruments.

Check out the following sessions from NAMM and swing by our Artist page to find out more about them.

Edward Hernandez and Hope Leigh with Ukulele Underground:

Lorin Walker Madsen with Premier Guitar:

Toney Rocks with Acoustic Guitar:

Kenny Lee Young with Acoustic Guitar:

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