Several weeks ago our team was talking about how our practicing habits had changed toward music with more time on our hands. This led to a conversation about how our Artist team was handling not being able to play live music in front of a crowd. Most notably, Kenny Lee Young came up in our discussion as a musician in the forefront of live streaming. In fact, it seemed like Kenny was always streaming somewhere, almost anytime of the day or week. We wanted to find out how Quarantine had changed his perspective and what he was doing that was working to reach his ever growing fan base. 

I got to chat with Kenny, via zoom one morning and really dive into his process, how he’d already been streaming for a while and how it had grown during this time with so many fans at home needing something to do. 

One thing is clear, music is an activity that can unite us all, no matter how you’re doing it or what platform you’re using to get it out there. 

To hear the deep dive, listen here:

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