Michael Barrow (Vocals, Guitar), Trevor Harmon (Electric Guitar), Alessandro Improta (Bass), Reed Perkins (Drums), and Zach Collier (Keys) got together in the spring of 2016 in Provo, UT. Rallying around the expressive lyrics and rich vocals of Barrow, they began to inject John Mayer esque guitar lines and warm textures into Barrow’s brand of narrative folk.

Their debut album, Juneau, was mixed and mastered by Chicago native Brian Zieske, who produced the breakthrough records for both The Hush Sound and The Academy Is… in the early 2000’s.

Juneau received praise from Indie Music outlets, particularly for the breakout single “Sing Me Something New.” Music Existence called the album “an indie music lover’s dream,” and SLUG Magazine praised its “melodic beauty and narrative complexity.”

On March 23, 2018, the band released the Santa Barbara Sessions – a collection of live acoustic takes featuring songs from Juneau, a selection of indie covers, and a brand new song called “All I’ll See Is You.” Harmon left the band in 2018, with Mark Lanham joining as lead guitarist.

In December of 2019, MB&T released Something New. Something New is a 5-song EP described by the group as an experimental venture into vintage soul. Comprised of songs featuring collaborations from both Harmon and Lanham, Something New is just what it professes to be: a new stylistic take on familiar experiences. The band is currently recording its sophomore album. The band is from Orem, Utah.


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