I was able to spend time in China visiting our factory. It is always a great experience to meet face to face. I value the relationships I have created over the years and I consider many of the workers as friends. This year, we had some challenges facing us as we held our meetings. The number one issue was the CITIES regulations involving rosewood. If you are not familiar with that, we have a Teton TV episode about this topic. At the factory, we reviewed possible rosewood alternatives. Teton Guitars will only use real wood alternatives and will not use any composites for the rosewood replacements. We have seen composites and have not been pleased with any that have been presented to us. We also worked on prototypes of models that will be introduced in the next few months (more info will come in a future post).

I am very grateful for the men and women who build our guitars. They are creating beautiful instruments. It is always a great experience to meet with them and be influenced by their enthusiasm for building guitars. I truly believe that part of the reason Teton guitars sound amazing is because we have amazing people building for us.

Ben Parker