FlameMapleSideImageHere at Teton Guitars we are constantly inspired by nature. The patterns, structures and resonance of wood are kind of an obsession over here, as you can imagine. What makes us most happy is when we discover something that looks really beautiful and sounds amazing as well. It must be some sort of magic that overwhelms our senses.

This is definitely the case with our Flame Maple guitars. We offer up this stunning combination on the back and sides of our STS130FMNT (dreadnought acoustic) as well as on our STB130FMCENT (acoustic/electric bass). The decorative striations in the maple make each guitar an original work of art. Art to make art. You gotta love it!

Flame maple was originally used in violins, bassoons and fine furniture. It garnered the name “fiddleback maple” along with many others. The growth pattern that causes the “flame” is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Rapid cell growth causes a sudden collapse in the cell wall which results in the striped appearance. The pattern is seen in the “end grain” of the wood. This growth pattern is undetectable when looking at the outside of the tree and the cause of this rapid cell growth is unknown.

The tone that this particular strain of flamed maple creates is, first and foremost, clear and articulate with powerful projection. It creates a tangible top end on the acoustic bass which helps it to be heard among other instruments. There is a wealth of harmonic richness through the lower registers.

Listen to the clip below for a good taste of what this remarkable wood can do. Check with your local dealer and see if they’ve got one in stock. You’ll love what you hear and your eyes won’t have any complaints either.

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Thank you!