BlogSideImage52 blog posts + 3 regular writers + some guest writers + 1 editor + 1 graphic designer + 1 web developer = 6/16/16 aka our 1st Blogiversary!! So my math might be a little off… I’m a musician, not an accountant. We celebrated with some cookies and high fives all around.

Our team has worked closely together to bring you, our loyal fans, a new and hopefully interesting blog each Tuesday.

We began by writing about the guitars themselves, our factory, our parent company and YOU. Gears shifted a bit and the beginning of 2016 brought the addition of a series specific blog written by Mark, who you’ve seen on Teton TV. We also added a monthly Teton Artist feature, giving you a chance to know these talented musicians better.

The blog has been a challenge at times. We are always looking for topics and content that will be relevant and informative. Thanks for sticking with us–and if there’s a topic you’d like to know more about, please send an email with your suggestions.

If you’ve read all the way through this, you’re awesome and deserve something awesome. The first 5 people to email with the subject line; Blogiversary will be sent something cool.

Until next time,


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