PronounceTetonSideImageThere are plenty of online resources to learn how to say a word correctly. Many times, though, a word is common enough in American lexicon that you wouldn’t think to go online. Words such as “Yosemite” and “Shenandoah.” Don’t stumble over these words because they conjure up images of majestic and grand scenes. Which reminds me…the last time I was in Yosemite, I did stumble over some rocks on the trail. I was paying too much attention to the towering cliffs and waterfalls above me!

We are Teton Guitars. We live, work and breathe in the shadow of the Teton Mountain Range that is Grand Teton National Park. For many outdoor enthusiasts, this is an international, must-experience destination. For tourists and locals alike, Teton is inspiring. So, music enthusiasts, Teton Guitars is here to stay. Now is the time to learn how to pronounce “Teton” correctly–and maybe stop by for a visit, play our guitars, and experience the Tetons in all their glory.

Correct: TEE-tahn

Incorrect: TEETn

— Neil

Resources on pronunciation of “Grand Teton”, which is the highest peak, 13,766 feet high, of the Teton Mountain Range:

Additional information on Grand Teton National Park:


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