These electric ukuleles are so easy to play, versatile and a great deal to boot. Had to get two, one for High G and one for Low G.


In love with this guitar, amazing quality and tone. The most comfortable guitar I’ve ever played. ❤️

-Julie Jarvis

This is an incredible sounding and playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick – totally versatile; it does it all. I would not trade mine for anything else I have played or heard at twice the price. Great tone at low volumes and solid electronics. Plays great right off the rack. Although mine was set up professionally by Bill St. John at Music Central in Colorado Springs, a few months after I bought it there, no bridge or nut adjustments were needed, just some basic fret work once the instrument adjusted to our altitude and climate.

-Kevin Rose

I stopped in to La Grande Stereo and saw mine on a stand. I picked it up and the full sound and sustain were awesome! I also have Martins and a Taylor, as well as others. This is the finest I have ever heard and played, at least to my ears. Job well done! La Grande Stereo did a great job with set up too.

-River Bear Gordon

I picked up this guitar at a little guitar shop in Seaside, OR. Got a great deal, but the thing that sold me was the way it played AND the sound of the instrument. I have a Taylor and I’m used to its sound, but playing the Teton – I just fell in love with its character. The sound was bit warmer, but had just enough bite to cut through a band mix. When I’m performing solo, I loop, so I had to find the sweet spot on how to use the Teton for my percussive sounds. But now that I’m used to it, I can use it just as well as the Taylor for looping. We also used the Teton in recording my new project. The tone in recording was really a nice contrast to the Taylor in the sense that we, again, got more of darker sound with the Teton. Love my STS150ENT and will definitely purchase another one in the future.