I picked up one of these guitars from Pekar Music in Cuyahoga Falls. This is my second Teton electric and I have no complaints about either of them. The quality of Teton electrics, and the few acoustics I’ve played, is far above other instruments in the price range. They’ve all had excellent fretwork (which is truly rare to find at this price), solid tuners, a stable bridge and quality nut. This guitar is ideal for beginners and experienced musicians who want to stand out with a striking guitar. The flat radius, jumbo frets and 24-fret neck make it ideal for fast playing and shredding and the string-thru fixed bridge adds a lot of sustain. For the price, I’m really blown away by what Teton is able to offer.


I am lucky enough to have #44. The sound is phenomenal. My local music store (Canby Music) got their Teton 5th Anniversary Guitar and he was showing it off. I checked around our area and found mine at CHW Guitars. As soon as I played it, I knew I had to have it. I’ve played several thousand dollar big name guitars and this Teton blows them away. My advice to anyone who can find one–BUY IT!!
Well done, Teton, well done.

-Tom Faber

Let me just start by saying go play one and you’ll own one. Over the years, I’ve become a little bit of a guitar snob for the only reason of industry hype and have owned 7 Taylor’s including three 8 series, one 4 series, and one 3 series. I’ve also owned a Martin HD-28 and currently own 2 Eastman guitars ( AC822 AND E10OM LTD). Until about a month ago, I had never heard of Teton and was lucky enough that my brother who lives in Portland happened to stop in a small store in Canby, OR to kill some time. He called me super excited and said he had just been playing this Teton STS160ZICENT and that it is one of the best sounding guitars he’s played in a long time. He has since compared it to his Taylor 914ce and let’s just say he owns one now and plays it more than his Taylor. I had him order me one to the store in Canby to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. The one that came in sounded the same so I had him pick it up and ship it to me. I’ve only had it about a week and can’t put it down. I’m super sensitive to sound and very picky about it. I can honestly say this has some of the cleanest bass I’ve heard on a guitar. The sound is very sweet and crisp. One of my favorite features is the sound is even across the board and its volume is second to none. I play mostly fingerstyle and, to me, I don’t care how much a guitar costs, if you can’t hear it, why buy it? Another feature that’s overlooked when buying new guitars is not trying them with a capo. I’ve noticed on a lot of guitars when you add a capo they become a little dead sounding. Not my Teton; it sounds sweet and bright no matter where the capo is on the fretboard. Another thing that’s very noticeable is how easy they are to play. The action at the nut was spot on for both the guitars we purchased and no adjustment was needed. I can’t say that about any other guitar I’ve owned. Usually they are way too high from the factory. I’m like everybody else out there that believed that only solid wood guitars sound good and laminated back and sides are for beginners. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the glue over at Teton but these guitars are the real deal. The Ziricote is beautiful on this guitar and buying this guitar is one of the best decisions I’ve made in buying guitars. I’m proud to be a Teton owner and hope to start a collection of them. Thank you, Teton, for making such a great guitar for an unbelievable price.

-Dustin Clark

Have a friend who has this beautiful $2,000 guitar that plays awesome and sounds great. I started searching for a lower dollar version and went to Guitar Center and started plucking around on some Martin, Taylor, Seagull, Gibson – whatever they had there. As luck would have it, my local shop, Brightwood Music in Nederland, carried the Teton. Doug set me up in a room with half a dozen different Teton Guitars. I was totally impressed by the sound, the sustain and ring, if that is the right term. Played the dreadnaught and the grand concert styles and, for me, absolutely loved the feel of the grand concert. To wrap this up, absolutely love this guitar. The maple back is stunning and, if nothing else, is a joy to look at. But the playability and the sound is truly impressive. Certainly has been inspiring me to become a better guitarist, so what more can you ask of a guitar.

-Randy Marts

This guitar feels and looks like a custom luthier-made guitar. Not a thing wrong with it.