This guitar feels and looks like a custom luthier-made guitar. Not a thing wrong with it.


I picked up this guitar at a little guitar shop in Seaside, OR. Got a great deal, but the thing that sold me was the way it played AND the sound of the instrument. I have a Taylor and I’m used to its sound, but playing the Teton – I just fell in love with its character. The sound was bit warmer, but had just enough bite to cut through a band mix. When I’m performing solo, I loop, so I had to find the sweet spot on how to use the Teton for my percussive sounds. But now that I’m used to it, I can use it just as well as the Taylor for looping. We also used the Teton in recording my new project. The tone in recording was really a nice contrast to the Taylor in the sense that we, again, got more of darker sound with the Teton. Love my STS150ENT and will definitely purchase another one in the future.


Found this girlfriend at a local music store after initially picking it up to play I instantly felt quality, after tuning up I soon realized I was playing a guitar that was a “different animal” The degree of volume this guitar was emitting is astonishing and that is without setup. I play professionally, and will only allow high quality to accompany me while playing, lest you be less. This is the finest acoustic guitar I had ever played, after precise setup, it is a guitar you just do not want to put down. I have never said that after playing any Martin or high-end guitar. So for the price, you will not do better.

-donny N.

Just bought this guitar and so far it is great! Played it beside a $600 Revival guitar and prefered it!

-Branson Stoddard

I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years. I bought this guitar as an addition to the Eastman ac512ce that I own. This guitar is of the same outstanding quality as my Eastman and was $600 less in price! Both guitars are solid mahogany back and sides. The Eastman has an Engelmann spruce top and the Teton has a western cedar top.

I use Thomastik Plectrum ac110 super light string sets on my instruments and when I put them on this Teton, the sound was soooo mellow, just gorgeous! I use 2 Yamaha THR5’s with a splitter cable to play through. I am a fingerstylist and play arrangements by Atkins, Travis, Yandell, Piburn, etc.

I just started playing this guitar out and the response to the mellowness produced by the instrument has been amazing! I love playing this instrument! Teton guitars are awesome! Keep up the good work!

I also want to give a shout out to Fine Ukes, which is the dealer that I bought the guitar from, for the excellent service I received on this purchase. Thank you!

-Rich Limouze