When I played this guitar at the store, it became clear how wonderful this guitar is. Deep rich tone and the high clear. I play DADGAD tuning and have been on a journey to find that perfect guitar. I could not leave the store without this guitar. I had an L R Baggs Anthem pickup installed. After getting home, plugging in and playing nonstop for hours, I have the guitar I’ve been looking for. The fit and finish is top rate. The sound is better then a guitar twice its price. I would recommend this guitar.


I purchased a 205 NT a year and 1/2 ago. I had a Fender Thinline pickup installed at the time of purchase. This all solid wood guitar resonates like no other guitar I have owned. I can honestly say that playing acoustic, this beautiful instrument overpowers my voice. It seems like each time I pick it up the sound is better and better. The bass, mid’s and treble complement each other beautifully. Having the Thinline pickup is such a plus. Plug this beauty in and get pure tones out of my amplifier. Have to turn the amp up because the Thinline is nothing more than a pickup. I play basic chords and pick in between them. I like how this guitar resonates each note in the chord equally while strumming or riffing within the chord. I have my first new purchased guitar which is an acoustic Tanara from 1983. I didn’t think I’d ever find a guitar that could resonate better but the Teton proved me wrong. My Yamaha 700 CX fingers much easier but also has a few hundred bucks in upgrades on it. My Teton 205 NT has its place in my guitar holder which is within reach at a whim. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a grand sound at a price that is inexpensive for a full solid body guitar. I expect this treasure to continue to get more and more tone ( if that is possible) as it ages. If I could afford it, I would buy an electrified version to add to my versatility. I’ve played a few other models from Teton and I like the sound of each in its own way. Definitely a low cost guitar that rivals many higher priced guitars on the market. A beautifully crafted and grand sounding instrument.

-Fred Sweatfield

This guitar blew me away from the first time I picked it up. True story…I had just bought a Breedlove Passport from a really well known, over priced music chain (rip off center) and stopped at a local small music store for some decently priced strings. I picked this guitar up while I was there, just for the heck of it, and was blown away! I immediately returned the Breedlove and came back and bought this one! Twice the sound and half the price, I can’t say enough about these guitars, simply amazing. Keep up the awesome work, guys!


I currently have 15 guitars in my stable. They range from a 1930’s regal to a couple of high end classicals. I have been playing the guitar for more than 50 years.
I must admit I had never heard of the Teton brand before and my instrument supplier told me I should pick this instrument up and listen to it. I was so surprised at its sound even tone and, in general, how easy it plays. I have had, made for me, custom guitars over the years. This Teton guitar is right up there with the tone, fit and finish as some of those instruments.
Congratulations on a guitar that almost anyone can afford, with voice and playability of a much more expensive guitar.

-Don Casillas

Have a friend who has this beautiful $2,000 guitar that plays awesome and sounds great. I started searching for a lower dollar version and went to Guitar Center and started plucking around on some Martin, Taylor, Seagull, Gibson – whatever they had there. As luck would have it, my local shop, Brightwood Music in Nederland, carried the Teton. Doug set me up in a room with half a dozen different Teton Guitars. I was totally impressed by the sound, the sustain and ring, if that is the right term. Played the dreadnaught and the grand concert styles and, for me, absolutely loved the feel of the grand concert. To wrap this up, absolutely love this guitar. The maple back is stunning and, if nothing else, is a joy to look at. But the playability and the sound is truly impressive. Certainly has been inspiring me to become a better guitarist, so what more can you ask of a guitar.

-Randy Marts