This is hands down the best guitar I have owned. I am a performer, teacher, songwriter and recording artist and this guitar has excelled in every situation it has been in. Very comfortable action and I love the wide neck – perfect for classical fingerpicking, improvisation, and songwriting. Not to mention the beauty of its shape and dark woods. Very solid guitar, especially for the price! This is one of those guitars that I want by my side for a very long time.

-Morgan Thomas

I picked up one of these guitars from Pekar Music in Cuyahoga Falls. This is my second Teton electric and I have no complaints about either of them. The quality of Teton electrics, and the few acoustics I’ve played, is far above other instruments in the price range. They’ve all had excellent fretwork (which is truly rare to find at this price), solid tuners, a stable bridge and quality nut. This guitar is ideal for beginners and experienced musicians who want to stand out with a striking guitar. The flat radius, jumbo frets and 24-fret neck make it ideal for fast playing and shredding and the string-thru fixed bridge adds a lot of sustain. For the price, I’m really blown away by what Teton is able to offer.


A guitar has to speak to me. I once owned a high end Ovation Adamas 12 string guitar years ago that I regretfully got rid of. So, in looking for it’s replacement, my next guitar needed to be at that caliber of sound and playability. The guitar needed to speak to me; To become one of my closet companions in life; To turn to it in times of loneliness or celebration, or to simply enjoy the tones and the sounds of a really wonderful instrument. I knew I had found my new guitar upon my first strum. It plays so well I wanted to keep playing. It’s beautiful spruce top and mahagany neck make this guitar exceptional. I had found my new friend. It spoke to me.

-John Stoeckl

I thought the ukulele would be a great starting place for a beginner and I was right. I love my Teton TS30 soprano uke. I bought the TS30 based on its reasonable price, but also on it’s incredible sound and feel. I tried lots of instruments before choosing the Teton and it was the perfect choice! It’s been fun learning on such a great-sounding instrument.
Also, a shout out to Chesbro Music. They resolved a problem for me graciously and quickly. Thank you Chesbro Music.

-M. Busch

I stopped in our “local” guitar shop (The Guitar Czar) in Murray, Utah a few times in the past month. Jimmy Lauscher is a great guitar player and also works as the Store Manager there. When I asked him what he had in an Acoustic/Electric, Dreadnaught Guitar (w/cut-out), in a reasonable price-range, which wasn’t either a used wreck or a guitar that no one knows how it was cared for, or a quality guitar, which just happened to be on sale and/or that was relatively inexpensive.

He walked right to theSTS100CENT – Pau Ferro and took it down from on high. I was immediately taken aback by the clarity of the sound (especially in the midrange) of this wonderful guitar. It is truly a joy to play and with an added Tone-Wood Amp magnetically attached to the back!!!

If you are looking for a guitar to pair with the Tone-Wood… look no further than Teton Guitars!!! The wood quality and workmanship already result in incredible sounds. Add a Tone-Wood Amp to them and you have a truly unique instrument!!!

Either way… Guitar Czar… Jimmy Lauscher… Teton Guitars,,, and all other accessories that I have built up over the years… All have combined to give me a first rate experience with Teton Guitars at the center of it all!!!

-Scott L Ritchie`