My first thought is to say that this is one of the nicest most well-crafted guitars I have played for the price. Let’s just say, it is one helluva guitar at any price! I am 50 years old and have been playing guitars for 40 of those years. My father had a luthier shop and, after he retired, built guitars every day. I know quality in craftsmanship when I see and hear it. I also know that pretty guitars are not necessarily good sounding or well playing guitars. This guitar covers it all! Thanks ‘Teton’! You guys ROCK!

-Arland Lane

This is the first 12 string I’ve ever owned and I must say it has completely captivated me. From the low price to the amazing sound, this is hands-down the best guitar I’ve ever played, let alone owned. I do everything with this guitar, from backwoods campfire jams to open mic at any number of places to just sitting in my house by myself or with my friends playing it, my Teton 12 string never disappoints. It sounds amazing even with old dirty strings that I really need to replace, lol, but I cannot give enough praise to this beautiful guitar that gets nothing but compliments every time it’s played. Awesome job, Teton, and thank you for this wonderful experience.

-Lloyd McDonald

This guitar blew me away from the first time I picked it up. True story…I had just bought a Breedlove Passport from a really well known, over priced music chain (rip off center) and stopped at a local small music store for some decently priced strings. I picked this guitar up while I was there, just for the heck of it, and was blown away! I immediately returned the Breedlove and came back and bought this one! Twice the sound and half the price, I can’t say enough about these guitars, simply amazing. Keep up the awesome work, guys!


Bought a beautiful Jumbo at Graner Music in Colorado Springs that has just become a wonderful friend. Workmanship was excellent and the setup absolutely perfect. Only flaw was a very small white cracked seal on my D string tuner. Tuner still functions well but unsure if will be problematic in the future. The sound of this guitar is amazing. A large, dynamic and lyrical quality with beautiful sustain and decay. Plays like butter. Most comfortable jumbo I’ve played. The cedar sounds warm and detailed. I had the chance to play about 5 Tetons and they were all very good guitars. I was down travelling from Canada and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at finding this great of a guitar at this price point. It holds its own with Martin, Taylor and Gibson for sound. Very pleased. Thanks to Teton for a great inspiring instrument!

-james coates

I first got the desire to play guitar back in high school. I lived in a VERY small town outside of Jackson Hole, WY, near the Grand Teton mountain range. I traveled down to Salt Lake City to go to a music store and purchase my first guitar. I bought a little cheapy one to start off with. About a year later, I went back to that SLC music store and traded in for my STS105NT. The guy at the store said it was his favorite out of ALL the guitars they had, so I trusted him and got it. 8 years later, I am still playing this guitar and everyone who hears it/picks it up/plays it says that it is the most beautiful, rich sounding guitar they’ve ever heard. I’ve been begged to sell it, but I never will. This guitar really is something else. I will never stop bragging about it or hiding its beauty. I’m currently in the market for a guitar with a pickup, but I know nothing will compare to my STS105NT.