I received my brand new TEF50BK just in time for Christmas. I had been admiring one at a local guitar shop for awhile. I purchased this one on eBay. It is not only beautifully designed, it has a nice low action, making it easy to play, and sounds really good! I would highly recommend this guitar to everyone! I also own a Teton STG105CENT acoustic!
Thank you, Teton, for making such quality guitars at affordable prices! Keep up the good work!

-Del Yager

I have been playing guitars since 1970 and I have had a couple of accoustic Martins, a DM and a cutaway, but this Teton grand concert is a fantastic musical instrument for both picking and strumming and singing. This guitar with its smooth and easy action (string to fret distance) is very easy on the chording hand, especially for an old man who still rocks. This Teton grand concert is the best guitar I have ever played.


I actually have two Teton Guitars. This is a great story!
When my son turned 13, I took him into Tom’s guitar in Medford, OR. Tom has a whole wall of guitars and
I told my son, “pick out any guitar you want.” He chose a Teton. I had never heard of Teton before, but it was very clear the minute he let old dad strum it a few times, it sounded much better than my Martin. Years passed. I found myself losing my wife and, yes, my Martin; very sad time. The one thing that got me through was I was able to buy a Teton for myself. This guitar is amazing and sounds better than my son’s guitar. I don’t know how many times I have let friends and even strangers play my guitar and, yeah, I get the Wow factor!; so nice. Well, this guitar didn’t have a built-in pickup and I like to perform here and there, so I bought another Teton with a pickup in it. Sadly, this new guitar is very beautiful, but I think there is something wrong with it. It’s a jumbo like my other one but the sound isn’t close.
I do love my Teton. I have written some really good songs with it!

-Darrin Wayne

I first got the desire to play guitar back in high school. I lived in a VERY small town outside of Jackson Hole, WY, near the Grand Teton mountain range. I traveled down to Salt Lake City to go to a music store and purchase my first guitar. I bought a little cheapy one to start off with. About a year later, I went back to that SLC music store and traded in for my STS105NT. The guy at the store said it was his favorite out of ALL the guitars they had, so I trusted him and got it. 8 years later, I am still playing this guitar and everyone who hears it/picks it up/plays it says that it is the most beautiful, rich sounding guitar they’ve ever heard. I’ve been begged to sell it, but I never will. This guitar really is something else. I will never stop bragging about it or hiding its beauty. I’m currently in the market for a guitar with a pickup, but I know nothing will compare to my STS105NT.


I’m probably one of the few people East of the Mississippi lucky enough to have a 5th Anniversary STS203NT. I was actually interested in buying the STG130FMCENT model (flame maple acoustic-electric) and I had contacted Guitar Villa in Bethlehem, PA to see if they had one. They didn’t, but the owner, John, suggested I stop by and try few other Tetons to hear how different tone woods changed the sound. After trying a few different dreadnoughts (flame maple, rosewood, mahogany), McKenzie suggested that I try the all solid mahogany STS203NT. After only a few chords, my wife said “You have to buy it”. I wasn’t going to argue. Being a woodworker, I truly appreciate the craftsmanship.

By the way, I ended up buying a the STG130FMCENT anyway a month later from the Sound Mound in Lake Luzerne, NY. I am one satisfied Teton customer.

-Jeff Kadilak