I stopped in our “local” guitar shop (The Guitar Czar) in Murray, Utah a few times in the past month. Jimmy Lauscher is a great guitar player and also works as the Store Manager there. When I asked him what he had in an Acoustic/Electric, Dreadnaught Guitar (w/cut-out), in a reasonable price-range, which wasn’t either a used wreck or a guitar that no one knows how it was cared for, or a quality guitar, which just happened to be on sale and/or that was relatively inexpensive.

He walked right to theSTS100CENT – Pau Ferro and took it down from on high. I was immediately taken aback by the clarity of the sound (especially in the midrange) of this wonderful guitar. It is truly a joy to play and with an added Tone-Wood Amp magnetically attached to the back!!!

If you are looking for a guitar to pair with the Tone-Wood… look no further than Teton Guitars!!! The wood quality and workmanship already result in incredible sounds. Add a Tone-Wood Amp to them and you have a truly unique instrument!!!

Either way… Guitar Czar… Jimmy Lauscher… Teton Guitars,,, and all other accessories that I have built up over the years… All have combined to give me a first rate experience with Teton Guitars at the center of it all!!!

-Scott L Ritchie` ( STS100CENT ) on Aug 27, 2019

I purchased this guitar about 4 years ago. The original one that I purchased was flawed and the bridge began separating from the body. The store I purchased it from replaced it with a new guitar, no questions asked. The new guitar was great until about a year ago when it also started to do the same thing where the bridge is separating from the body. The guitar also will not hold a tune now. I have emailed customer service twice now with absolutely no response at all to try and correct the problem. Hope this helps. I would not give this a great rating.

-Anthony Collado ( STS155CENT-OLD ) on Apr 30, 2018

I purchased this guitar yesterday and, so far, I have nothing but positive things to say. Aesthetically, the cedar top is very beautiful; the neck is comfortable and very smooth. The sound is incredibly crisp and loud. Tuning is easy and precise adjustments are simple to make. Because it’s new, I haven’t had a problem yet. It didn’t come with a pick guard but that’s not really a problem. Overall, beautiful guitar, great sound, fun and easy to play.

-Dakota W ( STJ105NT-OLD ) on Apr 27, 2017

I purchased this guitar in March in St George, Utah. The Music Works turned me on to Teton Guitars. I have been playing this guitar at gigs and home since I purchased it. The guitar was set up very well and is very nice to play. Great sound and action. I play acoustic folk music and it is perfect for that genre. The sound is mellow as you might expect with a mahogany guitar. It does play very well. I added a Fishman humbucking soundhole pickup for now but might try something more substantial as this passive pickup does need a preamp to deliver.
I really enjoy playing this guitar and my other instruments are getting jealous. It is a great value and the fact it is a custom edition just makes it more so.
I live in Iowa so, for now, it is the only Teton in the area.
My friend who owns a guitar store was very impressed with the quality of the instrument.
I would highly recommend this guitar. I would definitely give it 5 stars.

-Jack Hackett ( STS203NT-OLD ) on May 26, 2017

I love this guitar!! It has a huge voice and not just “for its size.” It is even more impressive because it’s a small guitar. Due to an accident at work, I can no longer play a standard acoustic guitar. The beveled arm rest makes it possible for me to play again without pain or numbness in my right arm. The craftsmanship is amazing and the tone is incredible.

-Brian Reiswig ( STG150CENT-AR-OLD ) on Dec 29, 2019

This is the best acoustic I have ever played in this price range. I found this beauty in a local music store for a killer price.

It has great projection and tone in the small Grand Concert package. Definitely worth the asking price at the store so I couldn’t pass it up.

A few corrections to the above specs run down:
1) The finish is NOT gloss on this cedar top. I would call it a natural finish.
2) The specs list “Nut, Saddle: Bone”… the STG105NT Grand concert that I just bought new in 2015 came with what appears to be a bone Nut but a plastic Saddle. This guitar already sounds great so I don’t even plan to necessarily change out the saddle for a bone one. I may, however, switch out the bridge pins in the near future.

Great guitar for a great price!
Bottom line, I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

-Ryan ( ) on Nov 28, 2016

This guitar has a great depth of sound. I like a guitar that rattles my belly when I hit the low notes and this one sounds good when using Drop D or DADGAD tunings. Very open sound, with clear highs. I haven’t plugged it in so I can’t say what the electronics sound like but, as for micing, it rocks. I usually mic it in the studio with a Neumann TLM 103 or the AKG C1000 and it sounds great on the recordings. Cutting through the mix, or as a background part, it is easy to place the guitar in the mix and the price is incredible. Oops, did I say it has a good price? YEP! It does.

-Stephen Jylz Kircher ( STS105CENT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

I bought this one for a young friend who couldn’t afford a guitar and wanted a good guitar for her to learn on. A guitar she wouldn’t have to wrestle with, but had good action, good tone, good intonation and fairly easy to learn on. If it isn’t fairly easy to play, how is she going to learn on it? She was happy of course, but I wanted her to be given 1/2 a chance to be able to learn. She is a musician-minded girl. Plays clarinet, learning to play sax and already finding time to learn guitar and is an A+ student. I am also an ex-clarinet player and guitar player for years. While I had some time to play this guitar, I did shave down the bridge, bone thingy and that did help the action. I love the strings they come with too. D’Addarrio. The tone on this guitar is really good.

-Everett Bonds ( STS150NT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

Great sound and beautiful! I just purchased this guitar and am so pleased with the easy play and warm tone. It sounds clean and the pre-amp produced a clean sound. I really love this guitar both plugged in and unplugged.

-Sean Jacobs ( STS000SMGCE ) on Jan 19, 2020

For the price, this guitar is absolutely amazing. Beautiful warm tones, powerful volume, plays smoothly. Easily comparable to guitars that are twice the money. The craftsmanship and colors, quality of wood are first class. Full rich warm sound and great full bass notes. Very playable. If guitars had a personality, I would say this is a very self confident guitar, and rightly so.

-Ryan Nelson ( STC105NT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016