My daughter gave it to me. She knew I had a number of other quality guitars and wanted something special. It is – I love it. Beautiful guitar; great workmanship. Best sounding acoustic I have. Set up perfectly. I also like the arm rest feature. I’ll never want another acoustic.

-Jerry Brock ( STS150NT-AR-OLD ) on Jul 02, 2017

I stopped in to La Grande Stereo and saw mine on a stand. I picked it up and the full sound and sustain were awesome! I also have Martins and a Taylor, as well as others. This is the finest I have ever heard and played, at least to my ears. Job well done! La Grande Stereo did a great job with set up too.

-River Bear Gordon ( STS130FMNT-OLD ) on Nov 28, 2016

Absolutely amazing sound from this guitar . It immediately became my favorite and sits beside my Taylor and my Martin as my top three . I instantly fell in love with the bright tones and the feel of the action. The fit and finish is top-notch quality . This company will be a force to reckon with down the road for centuries.

-A.Rodger ( STS170NT-OLD ) on Mar 22, 2018

I stopped in our “local” guitar shop (The Guitar Czar) in Murray, Utah a few times in the past month. Jimmy Lauscher is a great guitar player and also works as the Store Manager there. When I asked him what he had in an Acoustic/Electric, Dreadnaught Guitar (w/cut-out), in a reasonable price-range, which wasn’t either a used wreck or a guitar that no one knows how it was cared for, or a quality guitar, which just happened to be on sale and/or that was relatively inexpensive.

He walked right to theSTS100CENT – Pau Ferro and took it down from on high. I was immediately taken aback by the clarity of the sound (especially in the midrange) of this wonderful guitar. It is truly a joy to play and with an added Tone-Wood Amp magnetically attached to the back!!!

If you are looking for a guitar to pair with the Tone-Wood… look no further than Teton Guitars!!! The wood quality and workmanship already result in incredible sounds. Add a Tone-Wood Amp to them and you have a truly unique instrument!!!

Either way… Guitar Czar… Jimmy Lauscher… Teton Guitars,,, and all other accessories that I have built up over the years… All have combined to give me a first rate experience with Teton Guitars at the center of it all!!!

-Scott L Ritchie` ( STS100CENT ) on Aug 27, 2019

I was in the market to step up from an entry level electric and Teton really wasn’t on my radar, but once I played one I was impressed by the looks, feel and value. Very happy. This is probably my forever electric guitar. Plays beautifully, highly recommended.

-BBCard1 ( M1630SM ) on Feb 08, 2020

I have enjoyed my guitar. It has great sound and the action is nice for these old fingers.

-John Allen ( STS150NT-OLD ) on Jul 11, 2017

This is the first 12 string I’ve ever owned and I must say it has completely captivated me. From the low price to the amazing sound, this is hands-down the best guitar I’ve ever played, let alone owned. I do everything with this guitar, from backwoods campfire jams to open mic at any number of places to just sitting in my house by myself or with my friends playing it, my Teton 12 string never disappoints. It sounds amazing even with old dirty strings that I really need to replace, lol, but I cannot give enough praise to this beautiful guitar that gets nothing but compliments every time it’s played. Awesome job, Teton, and thank you for this wonderful experience.

-Lloyd McDonald ( ) on Nov 28, 2016

I actually have two Teton Guitars. This is a great story!
When my son turned 13, I took him into Tom’s guitar in Medford, OR. Tom has a whole wall of guitars and
I told my son, “pick out any guitar you want.” He chose a Teton. I had never heard of Teton before, but it was very clear the minute he let old dad strum it a few times, it sounded much better than my Martin. Years passed. I found myself losing my wife and, yes, my Martin; very sad time. The one thing that got me through was I was able to buy a Teton for myself. This guitar is amazing and sounds better than my son’s guitar. I don’t know how many times I have let friends and even strangers play my guitar and, yeah, I get the Wow factor!; so nice. Well, this guitar didn’t have a built-in pickup and I like to perform here and there, so I bought another Teton with a pickup in it. Sadly, this new guitar is very beautiful, but I think there is something wrong with it. It’s a jumbo like my other one but the sound isn’t close.
I do love my Teton. I have written some really good songs with it!

-Darrin Wayne ( STJ150ENT-OLD ) on Jul 11, 2017

It’s a great guitar. Like how it sings…

-Bill ( STS150NT-OLD ) on Jul 11, 2017

One of the best kept secrets: this guitar has the sweetest sound for rhythm. It is no longer produced because of expense with koa and dealers not buying them. I bought about ten and sold off all but two. I have one myself and use it for recording back tracks. If you can find one, grab it!

-Mike ( STS170NT-OLD ) on Jan 11, 2018