I keep getting blown away by Teton guitars! (This is my 3rd!!) Just received my STG105-TF (Twelve Fret). From a smaller body guitar, I expected a “thinner” sounding, “quieter” guitar. This guitar has plenty of bass and has twice the volume I was expecting! Nice warm tone and so easy to play. I bought this guitar more as a fingerpicker and, even though it has an 1-11/16″ nut, I personally find it very easy to fingerpick. I plugged this guitar into my Fishman Loud Box Artist acoustic amp and it sounded great! I have played some all solid wood guitars in the past that cost more than twice as much as my Teton that don’t sound as good as this one. BEST bang for your BUCK guitar out there!!! Thank you Teton Guitar!!!

-Bob Trebra ( STG105CENT-TF ) on Jul 18, 2018

Simply the finest acoustic guitar in its price range you will find anywhere! Amazing quality, superb tone, highly playable, great electronics! I’ve owned one of everything; for the money, you won’t find a better instrument! I highly recommend you buy a Teton!

-Enoxh ( STG105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I recently purchased a Teton STS100CENT 12 string guitar from Welch Music Center in Meridian, Idaho. Years ago I owned a 12 string Yamaha and sold it to purchase a Taylor 810, which I still play. However, the longing for another 12 string guitar drew me to the store to play the Teton and I was hooked. The sound is rich and full and the body is beautifully designed. Many times I pick up the Teton before the Taylor. I am reminiscing about when I used to play a 12 string in a band years ago. I am enjoying the feel of the guitar and the quality of the music that comes from the instrument.

-Donald Glaze ( STS100CENT-12 ) on Jan 20, 2017

I received my brand new TEF50BK just in time for Christmas. I had been admiring one at a local guitar shop for awhile. I purchased this one on eBay. It is not only beautifully designed, it has a nice low action, making it easy to play, and sounds really good! I would highly recommend this guitar to everyone! I also own a Teton STG105CENT acoustic!
Thank you, Teton, for making such quality guitars at affordable prices! Keep up the good work!

-Del Yager ( TEF50BK ) on Nov 28, 2016

I’ve been playing and owning guitars for 40 years. I just wanted to say that I picked up a STS100CENT-12 a couple days ago at Larry’s Guitar Shop in Longmont, Colorado and couldn’t be happier. I’m a wood worker and also repair, refinish and rebuild guitars as a sideline, and I’m an accomplished musician. The Teton instruments are very well made and have the quality, sound, playability and look of guitars going for much higher prices. This will not be my last Teton. I’m looking at the parlor guitars and hollow bodies next. One suggestion: offer hard shell cases, black and tweed. That would put the icing on the Teton cake.

-Gary ( STS100CENT-12 ) on Nov 28, 2016

I LOVE this guitar! I love the playability and tone from this. It had proper fret dressing, no jagged edges, and has an awesome sound unplugged and plugged in. I looked at the Taylor GS Mini (I had owned one previously) and this one blew it out of the water in tone and playability.

-Neil ( STG170ENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

I ran into a total surprise Christmas eve at Guitars and More in South Jordan, Utah. I am a keyboard player by trade but love all things guitar, especially guitars that sound great, look cool and guitars that allow me to get around on, to play better than my skill level should allow. I penned this later that night:

Today was my day to decide on the replacement for my recently deceased Taylor 314ce. THAT turned out to be easy. I just had to buy Teton Guitar’s STG205CENT. It’s an amazing guitar to feel, hear, play. It is the guitar with which to replace Taylors seminal Grand Concert 314ce. I needed the C (cutaway) and the E (electric).

But in the process I was introduced to another guitar, one of Teton’s (as of December, 2015) two Parlor models, the STP180DVB.

Its looks grab you first: a long narrow body with its (largely illusory in size) sound hole, the clean sitka top and an almost (do I dare say) ebony-dark rosewood fingerboard that appears eminently playable. The neck is topped with traditional tuners and headstock.
That’d be awesome enough at its price!
When it comes off the wall, the fun really starts. Beautifully figured EBONY laminates (I know, but hold on, stick with me here. It’ll be worth it) with sides and back as gorgeous as any exotic tonewood you can find in a South American, African or Asian rain forest.

In a word: Stunning.

I asked you to hang with me through the dreaded “L” word a minute ago and here’s why.

True, guitars with laminated sides and backs almost invariably refuse to “sound” as good as their solid brothers (or sisters). Now, bonding technology has come a LONG way toward making laminates better – tighter and more consistent. Even so, layers of space-age adhesives just should not sound as good as solid wood. Sitka tops and the like cannot make up for the tone losses that normally accrue across the tone spectrum when sound waves meet and are modified by, well, glue.

But meet this grande Teton!

I was A/B-ing Tetons for my “Replace the Taylor” competition when this non-electrified guitar with no cutaway ended up as an unscheduled non-combatant.

If that STP180DVB had been equipped with a Fishman, it could’ve moved in with me as easily as the awe-inspiring solid-walled-and-backed 205GCE. In loudness and in the soon-to-be-famous delicious Teton tone — a blend-with-clarity-and-articulation soundscape and otherworldly acoustic sustain, this Parlor Teton succeeds beyond all of my (and, I’ll bet, your) most hopeful expectations.

In many respects, the middle and upper mids blend like far more expensive acoustics (like Taylors). Plus, rather than the honking, barking or just unpleasant side-effects that can be hallmarks of non-solid-backed guitars, mid and upper mids are smoothly overtoned and add nicely to the round clear lower range and add up to a drop-dead-gorgeous overall blend.

The very best part was that I could really play the STP180DVB. I could do things on that neck that I have stuggled and struggled with. I could fingerpick very cleanly and without my usual loss of tone and, come to think of it, I still could play loud enough to work between louder passages. Really playing it hard and flat picking will amaze you. The tone gets better and better and sounds beautiful without ANY fret buzz (I assume it was a factory setup) and projects so well that it competes with many a Gibson jumbo I’ve played.

Listen, you have to test-drive Teton’s STP180DVB yourself. To my eyes, hands and ears, like so many of Teton’s acoustics, it’s an incredible value and one that is highly playable at any skill level and sounds as big-timey as any of the big-timey acoustics that start with T or M. The bonus is that they are absolutely beautiful.

Try out this model.

Just don’t buy THIS particular guitar at Guitars Drums & More. Why? Because I really, really, really want it. I had to buy that Taylor-replacing-at-a-fraction-of-the-cost 205 AE and I’m low on cash right now.

On the other hand, at the price point of these Teton masterpieces, it won’t take long until I put together the bucks for that STP180DVB Parlor acoustic. It’s MINE.

-KT Dopp, Sr. ( STP180DVB ) on Nov 28, 2016

I went to Avalon Music in Wenatchee, WA, today because I wanted to compare ukuleles. I had been reading favorable reviews about Kala, Cordoba, Fender and, of course, Martin. I had NEVER HEARD of Teton ukuleles. I played a bunch of ukuleles, comparing tone, feel, finish, intonation, and voice. Many ukuleles sound great on chords but don’t keep the clear voice for finger picking, so I tried a LOT of ukuleles in a variety of finishes, woods, and sizes. I can tell you right here and now that the Martin ukulele was the best overall ukulele, but who can afford it? I use my ukulele to lead songs at church, strum at home, finger pick new songs, and a variety of other ways and I didn’t want to be concerned about damaging a fine Martin with rough use. I was convinced before I went into the music store that I was probably going to buy a Kala and I was planning to compare the Pacific Walnut with the Mahogany. I knew I wanted a concert size. I already have a soprano and I wanted something with more projection. I picked up the Teton TC05 just to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised by its tone, voice, feel and intonation. It compared very favorably to the Kala in exotic mahogany which was priced significantly higher. I asked Evan, the salesperson, what he knew about Teton ukuleles and he was quite informative. He mentioned that a local music teacher recommends them for a class at the community college. After playing the instrument for quite a while, I felt like there was no reason to pay more money. With the Aquila strings, the instrument sings very nicely. I like the satin finish, the rosette and the little finishing touches like the black tuning pegs and cream colored pinstripe binding. If you are shopping for a ukulele, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to try out a Teton.

-Donald Short ( 05 Series ) on Aug 21, 2017

This guitar feels and sounds like a Taylor guitar–very light, very comfortable, very good intonation and volume with very good tone quality. I have 45 years of experience with playing the acoustic guitar at a professional level.

-bryan graceland ( STA105NT ) on Sep 08, 2017

Love the feel, the playability. The volume knob is in a bad spot; keep hitting it when I strum. Overall, it’s a good instrument. Electronics has some pops and dead spots. Definitely not QC before it left the factory. Wood chips and rough edges around the headphone, mp3 jacks. 1/4 plug makes weird noises. You have to find the “spot.”

-Doug Murray ( STEU102 ) on Feb 07, 2017