I attended the demo event here in Boise this afternoon. Although I have a bunch of nice guitars from the major brands (several currently for sale), this Jumbo was very hard to leave behind. Among others demoed, we got to hear and directly compare the cedar top/mahogany body in dreadnought, grand concert and jumbo sizes.

The dreadnought was typically bassy and boomy but in a pleasant and expected way. The grand concert tone was more articulate and focused. But the jumbo was just right — combing the focus and clarity of the GC with a nice low-end “oomph” without getting muddy or overwhelming. The jumbo sits very nicely on the lap and did not bother my injured shoulder the way a dreadnought does.

Tetons are all NICE guitars, very well made with a neck that feels and plays well, either fingerstyle or strummed. I only wish that it had been possible to buy guitars of this quality for this price when I started playing almost 40 years ago. Another guitar is the last thing I need these days, but this Jumbo may yet come home to me. It’s that good…..

-Earl M ( STJ105NT ) on Nov 28, 2016

One word–phenomenal. I am a 54 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and praise and worship leader. I have had acoustic guitars from 13 years old to present and have owned most of the major brands. This guitar is the best I have ever owned.The look, feel, sound and craftmanship of this instrument is outstanding. This guitar has inspired me. Her nickname is Maggie Mae and she plays and sounds like a dream. The price was mind-blowing for such a fine instrument. I believe this guitar and other Teton guitars are a good investment. This new company will surely grow to top end status, like Martin, Taylor and others that have accomplished a top end status. Teton will be a collector item and worth a high dollar amount in the future as long as they keep up the craftmanship and fine detail of a fine quality instrument. My guitar is simply magnificent. Thank you and God bless your company.

-Jackie W. Taylor ( STG105CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

Well, I’ve been playing this guitar for months now and I love it. Best acoustic guitar I’ve ever owned! I’m giving it 5 stars now!

-Tom ( STS100NT ) on May 03, 2017

My daughter gave it to me. She knew I had a number of other quality guitars and wanted something special. It is – I love it. Beautiful guitar; great workmanship. Best sounding acoustic I have. Set up perfectly. I also like the arm rest feature. I’ll never want another acoustic.

-Jerry Brock ( STS150NT-AR ) on Jul 02, 2017

I recently purchased my Teton for use with my band. The acoustic electric model fits the bill perfectly. I needed the rich sound of an acoustic guitar for many of the country crossover songs I play. The factory installed pickup allows for two settings which gives more versatility. I did modify the initial factory set up of the bridge to accommodate my playing style but this did not detract from the rich sounds projected by the Teton. I have also received compliments when playing only acoustic as the sound projects well in a smaller venue. I recommend this model to everyone needing a great acoustic with electric options.

-Ronney ( STS110CENT ) on Feb 07, 2017

This is the best acoustic I have ever played in this price range. I found this beauty in a local music store for a killer price.

It has great projection and tone in the small Grand Concert package. Definitely worth the asking price at the store so I couldn’t pass it up.

A few corrections to the above specs run down:
1) The finish is NOT gloss on this cedar top. I would call it a natural finish.
2) The specs list “Nut, Saddle: Bone”… the STG105NT Grand concert that I just bought new in 2015 came with what appears to be a bone Nut but a plastic Saddle. This guitar already sounds great so I don’t even plan to necessarily change out the saddle for a bone one. I may, however, switch out the bridge pins in the near future.

Great guitar for a great price!
Bottom line, I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

-Ryan ( STG105NT ) on Nov 28, 2016

Plays nice. Feels nice. Sounds nice. Good guitar for the money.

-Dan ( STS110CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

In November, 2016, I was advised to test and consider a Teton guitar as my first guitar. It is August, 2017, and I can attest to the fact that the advice was spot on! The sound of the Auditorium is richer than the Dreadnought and just under the highs of the Grand Concert. Wonderfully bright and full. The action is pleasant and accurate. The arm rest is comfort I didn’t realize I’d appreciate so much! I’m still learning and this guitar has certainly prevented the testimony I saw so often when first shopping for guitars, that the student lost interest and is now selling. NO chance if they had the pleasure of a Teton! This guitar inspires me to play and learn! Soon, when I’m good enough, I’ll get to share this wonderful sound with people around me!

-Jeremy Casner ( STA150CENT-AR ) on Aug 25, 2017

I purchased this fine instrument at Tom’s Guitars in Medford, Oregon, after searching and playing several other guitars in the area. After playing the STS205CENT for fifteen minutes, it was clear to me that it had the tone and playability that I had been looking for. As a player for plus forty years, I can say without a doubt that this guitar has the highs, lows and mid range that far exceed any other brand within the price range. Thank you Teton.

-Gary Claughton ( STS205CENT ) on Nov 28, 2016

Easy to play for hours at a time; can use with loud headphones, powered headphone jack speakers or guitar amp, and hear yourself play along to CDs or Youtube. Use their cord so the 1/8 inch jack is long enough to fit the wood opening. I added a “3.5 mm coupler TRS to same” to attach various devices to their cord. Really like the look and sound of this Teton STEU 102C solid body uke as well my Teton STR-100NT travel size guitar. Quality instruments from a great company!

-Phyllis M, Portland, Oregon ( STEU102 ) on Oct 20, 2017