FriendsAtTheFactorySideBarWe had spent a few years looking for a great factory to work with to produce acoustic and classical guitars. Our parent company had been working with an electric guitar factory in China and they were producing fantastic guitars, but they were not set up to produce acoustic guitars. After spending a couple of years searching for a factory that we felt comfortable working with and a factory that we could have confidence in, we started looking at working with a Spanish maker to build guitars for us. Following a few meetings with different builders, we were approached by a young lady at the 2009 NAMM show. She asked if she could show us the guitars that were built in her father’s factory in China. We agreed to meet with her and, a few hours later, we played on prototype guitars that would eventually become the original Teton guitar models.  Subsequently, we met with a few other Spanish builders but due to the extremely high cost of the guitars and because of how impressed we were with the guitars we had just tried, we decided to pursue a relationship with the Chinese factory. Since that day, our relationship with this factory has grown into a great partnership and also into a great friendship. We enjoy working together to design and build innovative, quality guitars.

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